Letting I Rage

YouTube music montage to Five Finger Death Punch.

Suites my mood quite well. This means I’ve reached the anger stage I do believe. Interesting thing about this band and it’s songs is if you listen very carefully, the lyrics are hopeful. Sometimes I manage my emotions though the selective use of music. Rage is hard for me to reach and tap into but the energy that pours out from it, I need. I must harness it to propel myself forward. I need that kick in the ass.

Fire is my weakest element and rage is a part of it. I need to cultivate the fires in me to benefit my life. As with everything, there is good and bad to it. But rage can be harnessed properly, rightfully and controlled for the betterment of me and those around me.

May you find a way to harness your Fire.

Wordless Wednesday

I wanted to share a single video and am stuck sharing the entire playlist. I wanted to share Owl City’s Fireflies as I find the video something I’m hitting the repeat button on quite a bit. Well, enjoy this playlist of Uplifting Moods.