It’s been too long sense I posted my progress. This pregnancy was a lot harder on me than I had thought and I haven’t had any quality time with my yarn. But I am holding on to good hopes that I can once again gain some time to continue. Soon little Abby will be sleeping through the nights. Hopefully I’ll manage some time to myself. I still have that blasted afghan to finish. Some days I feel like I’ll never get it done. One project at a time. sigh

WIP’s on Friday!

On my afghan….I’ve got about four feet done out of the first panel…three more to go. So revising my yarn estimations….it’s going to take about 5 or 6 balls for a panel and I need five panels so that’s 25 to 30 balls of yarn. I only have 12 balls of yarn. So I just might buy the rest of the yarn in a different colorway…like woodsy. Give the whole blanket a good stripling.

But I’m going to take a break from this blanket and PUSH myself to get the socks done. Just got to turn the heal and go for toe, GO FOR TOE! I just might get them done in the next few days.


I’m amazed at how hard it’s been to keep up progress. Just 6 inches a day doesn’t seam hard at all. However, the universe is determined to keep me from that goal. My hands blew up again. I have a skin condition that I’ve had ever since I was little. It flares up and my hands become painful, raw and red malformations of what they once was. This week it’s been the worse that is been in ages. I couldn’t even handle the hot water I use for doing the dishes.

So my afghan is at a stand still. It’s growing albeit slowly. I’m very afraid that I’m going to have to adjust the due date of the project on Ravely. It blows. Anyway I’m almost through the second skein of yarn. It feels very different from my other skeins. It’s rougher, thinner and just plain ickier. I wonder just what happened for Red Heart to produce that in a yarn.

All my other projects are at a standstill. I just purchased bobbins yesterday. Now that I have them there isn’t a real reason for me not to start working on my sewing. I’ve got a few project ideas that I’d like to explore.

  • Sunflower fabric – kitchen curtains
  • plain muslin – repair stuffed toy dog
  • blue plaid flannel- hubby boxers shorts
  • stretchy floral print- Emy dress
  • blue and white gingham- curtains or apron
  • Goddess doll- need to purchase fabric

Eh..maybe after tonight things will being looking better. It’s stitch and bitch night.


AS of Aug 26, 08:

on hooks:
Tunisian Afghan on size 6. Personal pattern using Tunisian as pattern stitch, for a queen sized bed.
Pushing for a finish date of Nov 15, 2008 I want this done and over with before winter.

on needles:
Spa set…for learning how to knit
Truly it’s just play right now as I continue to frog it again and again.


I have a few items going on. I still have the socks unfinished. I really feel that I should have finished them by now. Last Wednesday I froged a good six inches of them. I keep reading the directions wrong and have to keep going back to correct them. I’ve read this pattern several times now and I still seam to get it wrong. It’s just cottage socks. It’s not supposed to be this hard to do. Maybe it’s just me.

My afghan is still on the hook. Two weeks ago I froged the whole thing and restarted on a new skein. Halfway through the skein I had to stop and unravel a massive yarn barf. It took three days to undo it. I’m a SAHM and all I was doing was unraveling yarn, with a newly crawling baby in the house! I’ve learned my lesson. I will turn all skeins and hanks into yarn balls just to prevent this. At least I’m now 75% through the first ball of yarn, at least eleven more to go.

My knitting is improving. I can slide the loops easily and I’m not fighting the stitches so much. After doing so much needed reading..I realized that I’m just learning the garter stitch. I was seriously confused and worried that I was messing it all up. When I think of knit items I see all the little v’s. Those happen to be stockinette stitch which I haven’t done yet. Now I just got to get an even and uniform fabric going. I’m going to do a swatch blanket while I’m at it.

Just collect all the swatches from all the stitches that I learn. Should be interesting. I wonder if I should combine the knit and the crochet. Hmmm….got to think about it. It would be a giant sampler.

I’ve been a busy bee.

Sorry about not posting for two weeks and for posting my version of junk posts. lol
But I needed a break from the computer. I’ve been working a baby blanket for my niece or nephew, that should be born sometime in April/May. I haven’t finished it yet. I’m about half-way done.

I’ve been hanging out at a new yarn forum: Revelry dot com. It’s a yarn lovers paradise. It’s a site for yarn lovers, knitters and crocheters. The site is still in beta so it’s still has a long waiting list, but it’s worth the wait.
I’m so into yarn right now that I’ve been working on a baby blanket for my sisters baby. I’m doing a granny square blanket. Not too sure how big to make it. I just keep going around and around.

I’ve gotten out of the house thanks to Meetup.com. I’ve joined a few local mommy groups and attending meetings. It’s been nice to just get out and see new faces and adults. Yea!! Being home with baby is nice, don’t get me wrong. Apparently I need greater stimulation than my four walls. Emy does too. She’s gotten so social seeing the other babies.

Shes now nine months old, five and a half, almost six adjusted. Last checkup she was 17 lbs 1oz and was 26 3/4 inches long. We were switched from preemie formula to normal formula. She’s now eating a little over 30ozs of normal formula per day. Her doc wanted us to increase her solids so were are now offering them for lunch and dinner.

So far she’s had; sweet potatoes, butternut squash, acorn squash, avocado, white potatoes, brown rice, applesauce, smooched pears, green beans, ground turkey, and pumpkin. Hubby came home with some canned items and he knows that I prefer to make her food. So, lets see what he bought. I did ask him to buy rice cereal but that’s because I’d like to see the difference in texture. He did manage to find one that wasn’t loaded with preservatives.

OK, for stage one foods, we got turkey & turkey broth; sweet potatoes; applesauce; smooched peaches. For stage two foods, chicken & rice dinner and smooched pears. Actually I’m really happy to have the jars. Looking at the jars, it’s caused me to wonder if I’ve been feeding her a thicker texture. Stage two is more like my butternut squash soup recipe in thickness. I’ll be finding out soon enough.

Well I’ve had enough interruptions today. It’s taken all day just to write this. I’m heading for bed Tomorrow is the mall walk..