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We Are All French Today

Watching the numbers grow higher last night, I couldn’t help but cry. I was able to hold my own children closer and tuck them in bed and tell them I love them. And I knew countless families are in mourning, … Continue reading

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My children are colorblind. I find it interesting that somehow I have managed to raise colorblind children. I never fully believed that it was possible. I was taught that race was something innate in the human species, that each one … Continue reading

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So Last Century

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Some things are simply Epic.

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January 2015

January 2015 1) New Year Resolutions With the coming New Year and saying goodbye to the past I ponder on the meaning of this yearly ritual. Watching the review shows, the almost funerary dissection of the past year, memorializing everyone … Continue reading

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BNP’s are not our gods…

This Month’s Headlines… “Big name Pagans behaving badly sparks off Regular Pagans behaving badly.“ Sighs….Monkey see, monkey do? Some of the current rage on the Pagan blogosphere just makes me want to beat my head up against the wall. Outting … Continue reading

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http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1865425/ Netflix can be downright amazing at times. Kumare is a film that’s hard to place. It’s a documentary film about religion, false Gurus and perhaps the innate drive to seek religious truth. While watching, I found that I wanted … Continue reading

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