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Casting my eyes behind me

Old threads that pop back up tend to bring back a ton of memories. So, here I am perving on Fet and I run across an age-old question: can slaves have hard limits? What a cluster-fuck. Basically, there are two … Continue reading

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We need to talk.

It’s not often I feel the pull of the stars in my life. This cycle around it is pulling hard and not pulling any punches with me in my life. If anything, it makes a decent non-corporalĀ scapegoat. March 6th had … Continue reading

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The Question of Forgiveness

This has sat in my draft box since 30 May 2016. It’s a very angry response to the issue of forgiveness after my father’s death. It raises the hair on my arms reading this, feeling the anger roll off in … Continue reading

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What makes or breaks a relationship?

Ever wonder about what makes or breaks a relationship? Being poly sure hasn’t given me any magical insight into relationships but it has given me plenty to think about. And as much as I would wish otherwise, being kinky hasn’t … Continue reading

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