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Oh really? Today is what?

It’s quite funny, today is International Woman’s day and I haven’t the slightest bit of interest in it. Never heard of it before and I’m sure it’s going to be used as some bellwether for a political movement or some … Continue reading

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Left of Center

It’s strange that I’m not used to it yet. I am almost always the oddball, the extreme line, the other viewpoint, the devils advocate; I am often the one not expected to be in the room. I’ve gotten used to … Continue reading

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January 2015

January 2015 1) New Year Resolutions With the coming New Year and saying goodbye to the past I ponder on the meaning of this yearly ritual. Watching the review shows, the almost funerary dissection of the past year, memorializing everyone … Continue reading

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BNP’s are not our gods…

This Month’s Headlines… “Big name Pagans behaving badly sparks off Regular Pagans behaving badly.“ Sighs….Monkey see, monkey do? Some of the current rage on the Pagan blogosphere just makes me want to beat my head up against the wall. Outting … Continue reading

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Spotlight Sites

Every so often I find a site I feel deserves a shout out and it becomes featured as a ‘Spotlight Site’. Usually I’ve followed it for a while and became a fan. Featured so far are kitchen and Pagan blogs … Continue reading

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You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!

Here I was thinking I’d be able to do a nice and easy post, wrapping up all that I’ve done in the last four months, making a great segway into the new year. But I’m actually pissed off and the first … Continue reading

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What Do Labels Do?

This article was originally published on my defunct website. I was lucky enough to find a digital backup copy. It has been edited only for formatting on this blog.  What do labels do?   If I said that I am … Continue reading

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