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Deepish Thoughts

I just need to talk today.  So I’m going to talk. I’m having a hard time squaring a few things about me, my sexuality, my kink.  I’m finding that my view of slavery and of marriage simply does not square … Continue reading

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Oh really? Today is what?

It’s quite funny, today is International Woman’s day and I haven’t the slightest bit of interest in it. Never heard of it before and I’m sure it’s going to be used as some bellwether for a political movement or some … Continue reading

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Any excuse will do

Any excuse will do. Any excuse will do. It’s been repeating in my head for a couple days now. It started off soft and it’s gotten louder each time. It won’t be long before it’s screaming through my head. Any … Continue reading

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Depression packs a punch

Brain fog, depression, body not wanting to cooperate with me; I keep pushing forward day by day. Just hoping to do better, feel better each day. It’s Monday and I woke up at 3:30am. I haven’t been able to sleep … Continue reading

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Some things are simply Epic.

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A pretty package to love

Loving more than one, so you like variety, do you now dear? Funny how the oddest things bring up the strangest ideas. I was in an outstanding mood when my husband came home and we had a great evening. Everything … Continue reading

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Sometimes Love isn’t Enough

Saying goodbye to someone you deeply love is heartbreaking. Being polyamorous isn’t protection against such hurts. Add D/s into the mix and you have a recipe for change that you better be capable of handling or otherwise you’ll drown under … Continue reading

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