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You reap what you sow.

Next week a whole new insanity starts again. Here in Arizona, school starts up again. It’s a level of busyness that’s welcomed. I’ve had the kids take Karate classes this summer. It kept a nice routine going. Even had the … Continue reading

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How to torture an introvert…

Respond. Repeatedly. It’s so much worse when its a writer that’s the introvert. It’s like walking a balance beam with the sword of Damocles swinging overhead. Such keeps me mindful of what I write and the value it may or … Continue reading

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I’m very, so very hungry…can you feed me? Pretty please?

Think back to all the plates of spaghetti you’ve eaten in your life. Remember the ones that were really filling and then the plates that were just ho-hum. Sex is just like eating spaghetti. It’s filling and tastes delicious and … Continue reading

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What is hope?

As I laid down to sleep a snippet of a thought drifted in. Hope was a flower. And then I fell into dreams. I named a flower hope and watched it bloom and then wilt before my eyes. It brought … Continue reading

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Returning to Buttercup fields

Photo on Best Running I have always loved flawed human beings. Their frailties hide their strengths. I was not raised in a home where love was a vital force nor was it strong enough to be felt. I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Trust You?

Oh, this is really weird. Trust you? No…I trust you to be yourself. I trust me far more than I trust you. Huh. What just fucking happened? This feels really weird and good at the same time.

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  Years, that quote above has driven me nuts. For the longest time I’ve continually argued that the thought is missing a key element. Even digging into Hamlet and seeing what it is actually referring too, does lend a bit … Continue reading

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