We didn’t start the Fire!!!!!!!!!

This song is how I feel about the new developing suitation with the whole flack over the Koran burnings and the whole Ground Zero Mosque to be moved.

Yeah, it’s old school but yeah….America needs to rise up and protect our freedoms!

This is the America I love. Freedom unlike any other nation. Freedom to be yourself, to be whatever you are. I want to be free!

My thoughts on the “International Burn a Koran Day” by the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida.

It’s a masterstroke of media genius. Pastor Terry Jones is getting his message out to the world audience for free and it looks like his message is going to be proven, sadly too true. He wants to prove to the world that “Islam is of the Devil” and what better way to do that by exercising our US constitutional right to free speech by speaking out against Islam and by demonstrating his convections in the most effect way, i.e. burning the Koran. If and when all hell breaks loose, he will have been proven right if you believe that such violence is from the Devil. The only correct response to his speech, to his protest is not violence but peaceful counter protest and I have my doubts that the Islamic world especially the radical and militant Muslims will resist being whipped up in a blind fury….just like what happened with the Mohammad cartoons, the violent protests and the killing of several cartoonists that participated. Sadly though, I don’t think this pastor will live much longer after the burning, just like those cartoonists who were murdered in cold blood.

He’s not the one inciting violence. He’s not going out there and saying that “Muslims need to die.” His whole message is simple..”Islam is of the Devil” and that message no matter how offensive is not one of violence. Those that are protesting and chanting “Death to America” and “Death to Christians” are the ones that are inciting violence. I don’t understand why Pastor Jones is getting the entire blame for the elevated threat of violence from the Islamic community. This is not a case of yelling fire in a theater. This is not a case of poking a hornets nest and getting stung for it. This is a case of one religious minority, one minority view having the right to speak without oppression, without legal sanctioning and bureaucratic red tape, without being silenced for it. The message doesn’t matter when you look at the rights. If Pastor Jones is prevented from protesting, then all Americans have lost a little bit more of our rights to free speech.

I don’t really care if anyone burns the Koran or a Bible or any other religious text or even the US flag. It’s a matter of free speech to burn whatever they want to burn in protest as long as they own it. I’m more concerned with protecting the American right to free speech than I am concerned with offending others even on the world stage. If this country somehow shuts down the planned burning of the Koran by the Dove World Outreach Center and yet can not stop Westborough Baptist Church from protesting at our serviceperson’s funerals, then something has seriously gone wrong with this country and will have lost sight of WHY the Constitution is what it is.

Why in the world is anyone allowing and pushing for public opinion to hijack our rights, and the rights of those who plan to do the burnings?! They do have the right to burn the books. It is a protest. It is free speech. But pacification is not called for in this case, let them burn. If the Islamic world loses it’s head over a few books, then it will show the stupidity of those who follow offence with violence. It is stupid and no one should ever give in to avoid violence and to gain peace. Appeasement in the face of Fascism in never a good idea! Once you give in, they will demand more all on the threat of violence, until you stand up and defend your rights.

For me this is no longer a religious issue. It’s become an issue of freedom, of our rights to free speech, to protest, to call out the very things we view as wrong. We as Americans have the right to say offensive things without the government throwing us in jail for it or worst, executing us. We as Americans, have the right to counter protest such things that we find as offensive, but we do not have the right to respond with violence to the very things that we find offensive. And we should not ever back down from exercising those rights all because of the threat of violence be it at home or abroad. It’s a simple case of use it or lose it.

Christian Concert or Barracks cleaning? What a choice.

Ft. Eustis soldiers claim they were punished for skipping a Christian concert (link defunct)

Maj. Gen. James E. Chambers Hazes Soldiers in his Command

Back in May of 2010, soldiers at Ft. Eustis were marched in formation to the front gates of a “Spiritual Fitness” concert featuring the Christian group, Barlow Girls.

This bit of news broke out to the mainstream press yesterday. But for the local area, this is nothing more than a reaping of what you sow. Two years ago the “Spiritual Fitness concerts” were restarted by Maj. Gen. James E. Chambers. Rumor was that this commander was a hard nose, not a bad thing for a military commander but also a vey active Christian with a bias. I remember speculating with my husband about this extremely evangelical Christian commander, his concert program and the impact on religious freedom for the local area. There was a lot of speculation about how close to the edge of abusiveness it could get, that it would take an incidence of clear force to finely cause the military to protect religious rights of the troops. There is a difference in religious accommodations and compulsory religious activity and the military and their commanders need to learn this.

I hope that now this story has hit the mainstream press that real policy change will occur. And maybe, for once my local area can go back to being a quiet, religion is personal kind of thing place.

The price of freedom is vigilance.

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Troops say they were punished for skipping Christian concert
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Local Satanic Panic

My local news station aired a segment Thursday at 6pm that they had been promoting all week about Vampires. I made sure I was watching when the spot aired. I about laughed my ass off with all the misconceptions they were giving the public. It’s a shame really, scaring all the folks who don’t know a thing about it. And we have a fairly strong Vampire sub-culture here too so eventually there are going to be repercussions. I found an article with video that is a basic transcript of the clip. What do you guys think about this? Is there something in the water this time of year for these kind of sensational news stories?


Local station that aired the segment.

Mar. 26, 2009 at 12:35 PM

I have to add an update to this. I ran across a favorite blog of mine that tackled this issue, The Wild Hunt.

I’m glad this has gotten some notice by the bloggers and dissected much better than I ever could do.