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Top 10 Things I’d like to see removed from Pagan blogs; Snarkified.

And the 10 things are…. Spells, Shmells It feels cheap and trashy, like going out and picking up a redemption certificate from a street preacher or claiming baptism just because a Priest road splashed you with his car. Make your … Continue reading

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Pagans, Hugging, and the Fine Art of Consent: A PSA

Okay, before I can even get started on what I want to say, just hop on over to the link below, read through it and come on back. I have some words I need to lay down. I’ll wait. Pagans, … Continue reading

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Dude, Where’s My Altar?

You won’t find any pictures of the various altars I’ve had over the years here. Sorry. It’s not because I feel that it’s too private, it’s not. I’ve only once taken a picture of my altar and that was back … Continue reading

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Launching Hampton Roads Pagans

I’ve been busy today creating a new blog site, Hampton Roads Pagans; creating the accompanying Facebook page (here) and getting in the first bit of information on it. I’m looking to create a local news outlet for Hampton Roads, VA area. After … Continue reading

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Happy August 1st!!

It’s a beautiful morning today and I’m itching to get outside and play as I know soon winter will be here. But right now, everything is perfect. I’m going to bake cookies later today. I know my girls will loving … Continue reading

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OC-gate Links

I am posting this collection of links in raw form so that anyone who wishes to follow this OC-gate may do. It’s also for me to keep track of the comments coming into the various blogs listed below. I will … Continue reading

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Top Five Web Sites…

Top Five Pagan Websites for the Seeker stock art from Microsoft office The Witches Voice  – Also know as Witchvox. Wiccan site for local networking, informative articles and news of interest to Pagans. Patheos’ Pagan Channel –  Features blogs, resource library, … Continue reading

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