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Olafur Arnalds – Living Room Songs

Welcoming a brand new week!   http://livingroomsongs.olafurarnalds.com/  

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Jörmungandr – Norse Ambient

  Good morning, good folks out there. Found this little treat sitting on my recommended bar on YouTube and decided the thumbnail looked so cool I decided to check it out. This is nothing like what I typically listen too. … Continue reading

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During The Rain

Happy Friday everyone! I’ve been hibernating sense November. Avoiding everyone and everything and kept my head firmly under the covers least I get buried under another ton of stuff. Stuff like deep emotions, hurts and loss, love and anger, and … Continue reading

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Listening to Daffodils

It’s not everyday that one of my photos make’s it on this little blog of mine. This one went though a little tweaking thanks to google’s photo magic. I think it came out better than I expected. It’s a striking … Continue reading

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Gratitude even Though Tears Fall

Every Friday I hope to post that week’s gratitude journal here. I feel that taking a moment to truly be thankful will increase my personal happiness. I’d like to invite you to do the same and even post a comment … Continue reading

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Committing to a Better Me

Happy Autumn Equinox everyone. I’ve taken a bit of a forced break for the last week and it’s put me behind on both the writing and blogging 101 courses. I’m going to be playing catch up this week on all … Continue reading

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Breathing in The Moment

The past few weeks have been busy ones. Much changing and going in my life with little time to catch my breath. Today I look forward to picking up my girls from their grandparents. They have spent two weeks with … Continue reading

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