Jörmungandr – Norse Ambient


Good morning, good folks out there. Found this little treat sitting on my recommended bar on YouTube and decided the thumbnail looked so cool I decided to check it out. This is nothing like what I typically listen too. It is a dark moody track, full of cold water.

Let me know what you think.
Have a wonderful morning.

During The Rain

Happy Friday everyone!

I’ve been hibernating sense November. Avoiding everyone and everything and kept my head firmly under the covers least I get buried under another ton of stuff. Stuff like deep emotions, hurts and loss, love and anger, and confusion. So I’ve been reading a lot of junk novels; dirt cheap romance books. It’s my guilty pleasure and a good distraction for what ailes me. I’ve dealt with major family crisis, ended up gravely ill and am in the middle of major life changes; all in the span of three months.

I find it appropriate that I return to blogging on a Gratitude Friday. It can be a challenge for me to reflect and acknowledge that I am grateful, even in what looks like the bleakest times.

I’ve been meditating on the concept of silence and stillness. There is something special about meditation that’s guided in a concept. I discovered that I could find peace inside myself. That while I meditated I could let go of all those things that weigh down on me, both inside and out and just be. Just be.

I’d rather sit inside this bubble of stillness than to keep searching for what I am grateful for. It’s bittersweet this time around. For the last year an a half, one particular life teacher brought out in me every emotion there could be. And now I find I am still learning lessons. Good lessons, lessons worth their weight, and it’s difficult to say that I am glad for them, the lessons and their presence in my life.

I find myself at the cusp on new beginnings. No metamores, no secondary relationships, and no D/s relationships. I’m still processing a lot of emotions and unpacking build up baggage. I am grateful for having this moment of time to be just me and only me.

And I am grateful for epiphanies that reveal the in inner workings of my mind. My integration has not been without a massive share of bumps in the process. Knowledge is power. And every bit more that I understand what happened to me and how I function is a step forward to even greater functioning in my day to day life.

Heh, it turns out I have a lot to be grateful for. Strange ways and things this time around but it’s deeply felt gratitude. May this Friday bring you joy.

Listening to Daffodils

It’s not everyday that one of my photos make’s it on this little blog of mine. This one went though a little tweaking thanks to google’s photo magic. I think it came out better than I expected.

Perseverance through Adversity
Perseverance through Adversity

It’s a striking image to me. Growing tall and strong, past the fences that block progress, pass the neglect that stunts growth, to form this single beautiful bloom that graces the earth on a grey dull sky, hinting of promises of sun, life and success. That it doesn’t matter what cage we find ourselves in, we can always find a way to grow beyond them and burst free.

I look forward to the all of bright colors of early spring and of the sunny daffodil blooms. Such giddy wild patches of color come blooming up. Carpets of deep velvet purple, shockingly bright splashes of fresh spring green and brilliant yellows make my soul sigh in contentment.


It’s the simple wonder of the early spring bloom that will carry me onward though summer. And my thanks to the hands that planted the bulb; you have given me many smiles over the years.

Gratitude even Though Tears Fall

Every Friday I hope to post that week’s gratitude journal here. I feel that taking a moment to truly be thankful will increase my personal happiness. I’d like to invite you to do the same and even post a comment to share your journal as well.

The basic idea is to find five things that occurred during the week that has made a meaningful impact on you that you are grateful for.

This week I am grateful for:

1. Having friends that have listened to my poor ramblings and shared their love and concern with me.

2. For my daughters, their bubbliness is quite amazing.

3. I’ve been going through some hard emotions this week but this morning the sunrise was beautiful. The reminder that there is beauty in tears, I am grateful for. The reminder that the sun will come out from behind the clouds gives me hope.

4. I am grateful for ‘Knowing” I have a choice. This single idea is powerful and it was a hard lesson to learn.

5. I am grateful in being able to say that I was wrong as now I can take a look and see what I can do right.

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Committing to a Better Me

Happy Autumn Equinox everyone.

I’ve taken a bit of a forced break for the last week and it’s put me behind on both the writing and blogging 101 courses. I’m going to be playing catch up this week on all of those.

Going ‘radio silent’ on my media and blogging gave me much-needed time to reconnect to those most important to me. It’s far to easy to get caught up in the moment and bend when one should not. And I have learned that I truly know better and ignoring myself has massive consequences but honestly it’s always been for the best.

So this day, one of my Most Holy of Days I reflect on what has been and what is past as I prepare and lay up stocks for the future. Autumn is a season of gathering the plenty of Summer as I look forward to the quiet contemplation of Winter.

I have gathered many lessons this Summer. I have much to contemplate and much more to learn. The biggest lesson is that I am loved, by family and friends and myself.

This is also the season of pruning for me. And I am pruning away the deadwood in my life and in myself. I am pruning away thoughts that lead me to places I should not go. I am pruning way those things that do not enrich my life. I am pruning hard, cutting out all the bad, negativity energy that has filled my life. I am opening myself up so come Spring I have room to grow once more.

I am burning away all that served me no good. From those ashes, good will come and I will be become more than I am, that I was. I am in the process of being restored to health.

Later tonight I am going to hold a personal ritual. I am going to write down all the things I am burning away from my soul and my life. I am going to write down all the phrases that filter in and out of my head that serve me no good and I am going to burn those scraps of paper. And I am going to be thankful for the pruning.

May your Mabon be one of Joy!