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Yuletide Greetings to You from Me

It’s not writer’s block this time. I’ve been chewing on what to say this year that’s either profoundly Pagan in nature about Yule or more focused towards being a Pagan mother. I’ve come up as bare as a leafless tree … Continue reading

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A Little something about Timing

I sit here typing this as the sun starts to fade on the last day of spring in total anticipation of a day cloaked in epic significance. And in some ways it’s all about the timing. The morning sun will … Continue reading

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Need a Do Over, Do Over, Do Over.

Okay, this is the post I wanted to write first but the little letters in my brain demanded that the last set get posted first. And I caved in. Nanowrimo is over. Yay! Until November rolls around again and I’ll disappear … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

The Autumn Equinox – Beautiful montage.

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Why the Big Deal over the Moon?

What is it about the image of a circle of sky clad folk dancing around a bonfire under the light of a full moon that either draws or repels people? Why is magic, witchcraft and Paganism tied to the moon … Continue reading

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Happy August 1st!!

It’s a beautiful morning today and I’m itching to get outside and play as I know soon winter will be here. But right now, everything is perfect. I’m going to bake cookies later today. I know my girls will loving … Continue reading

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It’s just not my day….

I have a problem with Imbolc / Candlemas / St Bride’s Day / Groundhog Day. It’s not a holiday that I relate to very well. I prefer that my holy days have deep personal meaning. It’s hard to worship when … Continue reading

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