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Facing the week with gratitude. 

It was just a few Fridays ago I wondered what would happen if I faced the week with gratitude instead. Sounds like a good idea so here we are.  I don’t know what a majority of gratitude habits are but … Continue reading

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I’d rather look forward

I almost forget today is Friday. I’ve skipped / ignored quite a few of them already. You know there is something special about gratitude and taking the time to express gratitude. For a moment I’m not looking backwards finding negatives … Continue reading

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No One is an Island

Gratitude Friday I’ve been thinking about how much this blog doesn’t cover religious topics often and it occurred to me I’ve actually been sharing one of my spiritual practices with everyone. Before I didn’t consider practicing gratitude to be a … Continue reading

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The Week That Was

Gratitude Friday Oh goodness. It’s been a heck of a week! If a lifetime can be packed into seven days, this was the week that was. I’m not sure where to even start a recap. I’ve been on G+ way … Continue reading

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For Us, The Survivors

Today is Gratitude Friday here where I would normally post my week’s gratitudes. World events normally I do not comment on yet I would like to offer some tender thoughts to you all.   For Any and All Who Hurt In the … Continue reading

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Always Love

Sighs, how the fuck is this Gratitude Friday? Last time I looked it was Monday. So much missing time. And it looks like the world decided to burn. I’m heart-heavy to write this one. I need to find that silver … Continue reading

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During The Rain

Happy Friday everyone! I’ve been hibernating sense November. Avoiding everyone and everything and kept my head firmly under the covers least I get buried under another ton of stuff. Stuff like deep emotions, hurts and loss, love and anger, and … Continue reading

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