Top Five Web Sites…

Top Five Pagan Websites for the Seeker

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  1. The Witches Voice  – Also know as Witchvox. Wiccan site for local networking, informative articles and news of interest to Pagans.
  2. Patheos’ Pagan Channel –  Features blogs, resource library, book club and more.
  3. The Cauldron Forum – Especially their article A Pagan Primer. A no nonsense forum for Pagans of all traditions.
  4. Turk’s Net – Repository of Pagan humor. The Field Guide is worth a good giggle.
  5. Kaaos – Features articles with a dash of witty humor.

    Open mindedness

    It’s very rare to find a religious forum that claims to be open mined and actually be so. Recently I was disappointed in a forum that claimed such and failed miserable. Instead I found them to be very New Ageish in promoting topics while deleting and discouraging topics I found interesting.

    The latest kicker for me was; while reading a thread it was locked and then deleted. The only reason I can come up with for this action was that the poster was actually questioning and seeking answers and understanding but from a different point of view. This poster was very respectful but very confused about how they site gods wanted things to occur. And then the Almighty accusation came down from above….”you need to be open minded…”

    I really wish I had copy and pasted that thread. It had a lot of good info. I was wanting to review the thread in the hopes of teasing out exactly why the site gods had such an issue and why they used such a heavy hand in dealing with a very minor disagreement. This incident explains why there were no locked threads available for reading and explains why there isn’t a lot of posts either. I guess I can chalk that site up as not one for free speech on the web. Things like what I watched keeps me a lurker on most forums.

    So what is being open minded:
    As per

    1. having or showing a mind receptive to new ideas or arguments.
    2. unprejudiced; unbigoted; impartial.

    A great blog post about being open minded:
    Skeptico Blogs

    A Quiz about being Open Minded:

    You Are 60% Open Minded

    You are a very open minded person, but you’re also well grounded.
    Tolerant and flexible, you appreciate most lifestyles and viewpoints.
    But you also know where you stand firm, and you can draw that line.
    You’re open to considering every possibility – but in the end, you stand true to yourself.

    Well loved Posts

    Describe your religion in 5 sentences or less…
    1 Love is the highest law.
    2 Seek Truth.
    3 Create.
    4 Nurture.
    5 Walk the Middle Road Always.

    From an Eclectic Pagan.

    I’ve always loved this particular posting I wrote. I had to re-post it. Here are a few more well loved posts. For some reason I prefer keeping them close to me. They are my thought babies. lol They need some loving. hehe

    Do you remember when the first time you cast a spell?Yes I do. It was a simple thing, of healing after the desecration of a personal talisman. I remember learning a lot more than magic that day. I learned words can inflict as much harm as actions; and it is not easy to heal those wounds. I was seventeen.

    Or the first time you read someone’s palm?
    Or read the cards?

    I was reading palms when I was eight. Call it play acting if you’d like but I was the only one I knew who read them. The very first time I faced a dilemma, to speak what I saw or to just speak happy news. It did scare me, to see, to feel something.

    With the cards, it was a bit different. I didn’t get interested in them until I was 14. I was only able to get a hold of playing cards and well I thought I could do just about the same thing with them. It is possible to read them. Nobody took the readings seriously at first. But one girl did, she wanted a past life reading and I gave it to her. It still bothers me, that what I told. I still see those images a clear now as then.

    Do you remember the first charm you ever bought?
    Or ever made?

    Many of my charms were given to me and as such were later lost. I do regret the lost of one particular charm, which went missing when the friendship was over, I miss that friend. I don’t recall buying a charm but I’ve made a few. There is something special in making one and giving it away.

    Do you remember your first ritual tool?
    My first tool was a homemade athame of Mimosa wood. It always struck me as a confused tool. Was it a wand or was it an athame? lol It’s done alright by me.

    Or first occult book?
    “A Witch Alone” by Maron Green.

    Do you remember your first steps in magic?
    Thinking “now how do I do that.”
    I do remember the confusion, paranoia and anguish that came with it. Of being a fence sitter and not being sure of myself, of my faith, of my actions and my mental status. And in the midst of spiritual crises trying to do magic. I don’t know what I was thinking then. There was so much going on then that magic was just a blip on the radar of life.

    Being a Net Pagan…

    I’ve got a few moments today so I thought I’d write a little something about myself.

    For being Pagan, I’m not much active on the net like I used to be. I still have a website which I haven’t updated in ages. It is Pagan orientated and mostly articles that I write. I didn’t want a site that repeats every little thing that all the other Pagany sites have. I wanted original works and I’ve found that getting a chance to write and then code a page is a lot more time consuming than I have. So I’m starting to transfer all my articles to this blog. It’s going to be slow work as I’ve got to finish a few of the articles and pick through the articles that was just filler for the site.

    I’m also a member to a select few Pagan/Religious forums. I’m done my shopping around and I’ve found that at some forums I’d rather read than participate. There is only one forum that I participate in a semi-regular basis and it’s a religious debates forum. It has a great admin and it’s really like a second web family. Completely no non-sense and doesn’t tolerate trolls and disruptor’s. If you can’t follow the formula of formal debate, then it’s not the place for you. As much as I love that site the Pagans on it are some of the most not debate people I’ve every met. For some reason I can’t get a good debate out of them. I’m trying but I’m starting to wonder if I’m offering the correct “bait.” It just can’t be that these fellow Pagans are advance enough that emotions isn’t invested in any particular topic, cause or idea.

    I’ve had my share of owning and moderating several Yahoo groups and forums. The Yahoo groups that I’ve had (Isabella’s Grove , NNYPNO and now VPCOHR) I’ve closed after interest in them dwindled to nothing. I’ve tried to help networking for Pagans in Virginia but each time I’ve gotten swamped with ads for other pagan events and nothing else. No one seams to want to talk about the personal side of being Pagan and share what each of us does in our practice. Even trying to co-host the NNYPNO collapsed due to lack of participation. I know it isn’t the only Meet-Up that’s collapsed in the area and I know that it will be attempted again. What is it about Pagans that led us to stay un-organised and un-able to form functional and healthy groups?

    Even with all of these past troubles, I’m keeping open one forum: The Virginia Pagan Community Of Hampton Roads with a Yahoo sister site. I have no members and I post whatever I want. Eventually I will post a link to Witchvox to advertise this forum but for now I’m just letting it sit. I’m slowly adding links to it all over the web. Trying to attract members without sending out personal invitations, should I send out such an invite? Please by all means, take a look and join…if you’re a Virginian Pagan.

    I know the Internet has really expanded our ability to express our religious preferences and have allowed us to educated others about our practices. But I think a point has been reached where everyone starts repeating the same basic information that everyone else knows. Where are the new thoughts, new viewpoints and the new teachers? Surely our practice isn’t that boring that we can’t discuss endlessly about it.

    Where are the apologetics? the philosophers?
    Who’s discussing the merits of having a pantheistic view? a polytheistic view?
    Who’s discussing the how’s and why’s of practice?
    Where are thinkers in Paganism?

    Intro Post to Parenting forum. Part 3

    WOW, I’ve had a busy weekend, much more than I’m used too. Saturday we had the company’s family picnic to go too and that wore me out. I was surprised.

    While there I found out that friend’s of ours son was in the hospital. We had expected them to show up at picnic but they never did. He’s only nine months old and turns out he has a serious case of croup. He had been admitted to CHKD on the Peninsula and was transferred overnight to CHKD in Norfolk. We visited with them yesterday and he’s getting better. He was able to go home this afternoon.

    We had canceled on my husband’s aunt Saturday just to come home to some more friend’s of ours sitting on our porch. They had camped us out! And they were fully expecting to stay the night. Shortened version; friends from high school, have a high strung four year old daughter and live with her mother which is the cause of stress to all involved and grandmother. Which is why they were sitting at my door, running from her mother.

    Saturday night I went to see Emy and of course everybody wants to come. Turns out there is some good news. They took her off the vent and have on the nasal cannula, 2L pressure & 35% O2 as of this afternoon. This is the fourth time around. She was so touchy when I saw her. Her heart rate kept dropping back and fourth. At least she was recovering on her own without dropping her O2 stats. I quickly shooed everyone home. I’m glad I’ve gotten in the habit of going in first.

    To cut this short, I end up staying up late. I got to bed at 4am and back up by 11am and just got them to leave by 9pm. She can not take a hint at all. I’m wore out and I’m not going through this next weekend. My weekend was all shot up by this. I’ve got nothing done that I wanted.
    I guess I’m done complaining. So to answer a few questions…..

    Are you on the peninsula?

    Yes I am. Newport News actually and Emy is at Riverside.

    Secondly, are you military???….your reference to returning to full duty

    No. As I’m still on maternity leave, I work for a local general contractor was/as a Carpenter’s apprentice. The thing about not back to full duty is that when I requested to go on light duty as per doctors orders, I was put out on maternity. LOL So at my 6 week check up I tried to get clearance to go back to full duty, they wouldn’t give it. They would give me light duty which is worthless to me at this point. I can’t go back to work until the doc’s clear me for full duty. With my line of work anything less is dangerous.

    Which sucks. I know I had a c-section, I just want to know when I’ll be strong enought to work again. I’ve always worked very physical jobs and the prospect of not going back is already driving me nuts. Well I’m heading to bed… I do hope that I can continue to chat with everyone here.