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Jaymes Young – Tied Down

This ought to be the theme song for all the rope Masters out there just because anytime I hear the phrase ‘tied down’ I tend to think of flying rope bunnies. Maybe that’s just me? Besides this is packed tight … Continue reading

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Casting my eyes behind me

Old threads that pop back up tend to bring back a ton of memories. So, here I am perving on Fet and I run across an age-old question: can slaves have hard limits? What a cluster-fuck. Basically, there are two … Continue reading

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I fundamentally do not trust people.

I came crashing into this realization just a few days ago. This isn’t the run of the mill being slow or even painfully slow in trusting. This is a core fact that I do not trust anyone at all. And … Continue reading

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Well, I never!

I have never faked an orgasm in my life.  I get on Fetlife and read quite a bit and it turns out there are more than a few women who have routinely faked an orgasm. It never occurred to me … Continue reading

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I’m very, so very hungry…can you feed me? Pretty please?

Think back to all the plates of spaghetti you’ve eaten in your life. Remember the ones that were really filling and then the plates that were just ho-hum. Sex is just like eating spaghetti. It’s filling and tastes delicious and … Continue reading

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How do I say…

mitä jos meil ois toinen elämä, What if we had an another life joku muu jonka vierestä herätä. Someone else to wake up next to Kelaatko koskaan, Do you ever think about miten se sanotaan. How does one say it … Continue reading

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Thoughts on ‘Power Exchange’ part deux

I was asked to clarify my position and if I thought the misconceptions between submissive and slave was brought on by the Masters. Looking at this now, I think I didn’t directly answer that. Whoops. I’m flat out saying a … Continue reading

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