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It’s about the journey, not the destination

Things are still pretty weird for me. Sense January I’ve had Isa ridding shotgun for most of the time. Silly chick doesn’t like cages. Well, she doesn’t like it when I shove her in one so she gets a fit … Continue reading

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This is not a fire drill. This is real life.

Crap. Welcome to Friday. I have a splitting headache and I mean that literally and punnilly. For a little while I thought I had it all together. Having all the baskets in the same egg and everyone is one and … Continue reading

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Thinking Thoughts

I didn’t want to change him. I knew men don’t change. They are who they are. Either you accept them flaws and all or you don’t. It’s the don’t part that hurts the heart first. Then I made my own … Continue reading

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When the world changes

It took a single moment to plunge us into a whole new world full of terrors. From once we were in a place unfamiliar and strange but comfortable to a battlefield with the colors drained away. And so here we … Continue reading

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The word of the day is: vulnerability.

I’m the drill sergeant of the house. I bring order and strictness and I strive to do so fairly. But I’ve stayed away, peaking in only when things reach intolerable levels. Mostly because lying in the past are huge issues … Continue reading

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It’s not Thursday

I’m here listening to Jazz while sipping a chai latte. I already ate my blueberry Danish as I overlooked the early morn. These are things only I do. It’s a rare indulgence in my favorites. It’s one heck of a … Continue reading

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I’ve got holes in my armor.

Headaches seam to come with switching. Today I’ve been knocked down for most of the day with one that even pain pills barely touched. I’m more me now as well. I mean more Autumn. Don’t worry, there are times all … Continue reading

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