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Friday’s Gratitude Journal

Welcome to the end of the first week of June! Ya! I’m happy to say that this is a great month and today is even a better day than I thought I’d have when I woke up this morning. I … Continue reading

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Left of Center

It’s strange that I’m not used to it yet. I am almost always the oddball, the extreme line, the other viewpoint, the devils advocate; I am often the one not expected to be in the room. I’ve gotten used to … Continue reading

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BNP’s are not our gods…

This Month’s Headlines… “Big name Pagans behaving badly sparks off Regular Pagans behaving badly.“ Sighs….Monkey see, monkey do? Some of the current rage on the Pagan blogosphere just makes me want to beat my head up against the wall. Outting … Continue reading

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Breathing In Gratitude

Thank the Gods It’s Friday. It’s been a good while sense I really focused on this blog , much less took the time to write. But this aspect of the blog I will keep. So, on to the rest of … Continue reading

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It’s the Little Footsteps…in Our Lives.

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http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1865425/ Netflix can be downright amazing at times. Kumare is a film that’s hard to place. It’s a documentary film about religion, false Gurus and perhaps the innate drive to seek religious truth. While watching, I found that I wanted … Continue reading

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What’s Happening to the Local Pagan Community?

What happened to the local PNO’s? In my area there was one large long running PNO. It met monthly in different cities for many years until the organizer moved due to deployment. The PNO struggled on for a bit but now I don’t know of any … Continue reading

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