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Does size matter?

Daughter:  Your brain is small. Mom:  What? Daughter:  Yeah, your brain is small. Too small for the big ideas and inspiration. Mom:  My brain is small? Yeah: Yeah. Do you know dog and cat brains….

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The word of the day is: vulnerability.

I’m the drill sergeant of the house. I bring order and strictness and I strive to do so fairly. But I’ve stayed away, peaking in only when things reach intolerable levels. Mostly because lying in the past are huge issues … Continue reading

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Back to My Core

Ah shit, where do I want to start this one? I’m going to be very naughty. I’m jumping into my time ship and rolling back the clock. I’m going back to the past to have a chat with a little … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Lies

I have been a liar. I can chalk it up to those things in my past, my childhood, or for any number of valid reasons. The person I’ve been lying to all this time has been myself. It struck me … Continue reading

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My children are colorblind. I find it interesting that somehow I have managed to raise colorblind children. I never fully believed that it was possible. I was taught that race was something innate in the human species, that each one … Continue reading

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This is Love.

Even though it’s cold outside and flowers are hard to find, my little one’s still search through the fields to find the precious few blooming buds to present to me. These are my Winter flowers. And they are precious to … Continue reading

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Incense, Oil and Scented Candles; Is it safe?

How safe are these things? How safe are these things around our children? What about babies and our pets? Parents make a lot of sacrifices for their children. They change their lifestyle, child-proof their homes and try to do what is … Continue reading

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