Why polyamory?

Polyamory simply means many loves.

In high school I was constantly falling in love with several people all at once.  I thought I was just confused, immature and inexperienced in relationships.  It’s true.  I was immature.  I couldn’t tell the difference between all the different kinds of love. Nor could I accept that this was a part of who I am.  I wasted a lot of energy fighting myself. It has taken me years to figure out that I love who I love.

I’m not talking about mistaking lust for love. I’ve done plenty of that too.  But the love of  life mates, love of  soul mates, love of  lovers and the love of  romantic friends is not lust. And it was hard for me to learn.

Polyamory is not about being a serial cheater or about swinging. It’s about being honest with yourself and with your loves. It’s about standing up and admitting that this is what you are. Polyamory is about loving more than one person but it takes a lot of honesty, openness and communication to do so successfully.

I’m putting this out there because I’m tired of being silent, tired of censoring my words and tired of holding back what I need to say. Being poly is so much a part of me it’s going to shine through no matter what.  Most of my personal drama is over and I’m feeling safer about things now. But I’m not too willing still to write my heart out about poly on this blog. I’m still working on selecting what posts I’m willing to make public and what remains private.

“Love does not divide, it multiplies.”
~Robert Heinlein

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2 thoughts on “Polyamory

  1. Thanks for talking about polyamory so clearly. I agree with you that it’s worth being clear about. While I’m not in a poly relationship, I do know several people who are, and I greatly respect them and their choices. Best wishes to you.

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