Articles on Paganism

Listing of articles addressing general Pagan Topics scattered throughout the blog.
As I tend to avoid speaking much about my own practice and instead comment on the general trends and thoughts as I encounter them. I hope this will help all the Pagan seekers who stop on by for a spell.


The proper way to curse

Top 10 Things I’d like to see removed from Pagan blogs; Snarkified.

Pagans, Hugging, and the Fine Art of Consent: A PSA

BNP’s are not our gods…

H is for Hellenic Paganism


That Old Black Magic

Incense, Oil and Scented Candles; Is it safe?

Dude, Where’s My Altar?

The Most Amazing Psychic Reading Ever

What Do Labels Do?

Tigger’s Full Moon Ritual, Grove of the Hundred Acre Wood

Wild crafting

Spirit guides, totems, shape shifters, power animals..oh my!

Revisiting the Idea of Pagan Clergy

Quiz Time: Pagan Traditions Selector

A Cross Cultural God Exchange

And Now I’m Pissed.

Questioning My Faith

The Clergy Question

Assume Nothing, Not in Law or Religion

The witch is offensive

Paying for an Education

Keep Wicca Traditional, Keep Wicca Coven Based

We Pagans……

Rant On – Devotion of Deities and UPG

Book of Shadows