I think it’s a good idea to give readers a better idea about my religious beliefs and where I’m coming from.

Neo-Pagan ~ As opposed to Classical Paganism of antiquity… it’s the modern religious movement that is influenced by non-Abrahamic religious sources.

Modern Hellenic ~ My world view and most of my Gods are based on classical Greek texts and relevant sources.

Eclectic ~ I pick what I like, what works best, what works for me.  It’s also called honesty.

Unitarian Universalist ~ A theologically liberal religion characterized by support for a “free and responsible search for truth and meaning”. Every service gives me hope, sustains my hope for humankind.

My childhood ~ I was raised with a unique style of fundamentalist Protestant Christianity (Independent Baptist) that was a bit like a blend of Seven-Day Adventist, Messianic-Judaism and a touch of Christian environmentalism and self sustainability but on a strict fundamentalist level.