My daughter Emily was born at 25 weeks and 4 days weighing 2 lbs and 2.3 ozs, as a micro preemie. I had prenatal care, took my prenatal vitamins, and had no complications until I went into preterm labor. I was able to receive both steroid surfactant shots.  She spent 105 days in our local NICU. She had an uphill battle; five blood transfusions, pneumonia, septic infections and ROP but she fought it well. Today she is a healthy and happy rambunctious child with glasses.

Even now I can not forget that she is one of the lucky ones. I can never forget the babies that lost the fight and their families that I met in the NICU while Emy was there. It is for them and all the other babies that I urge you to donate to the March of Dimes, your local children’s hospital and anywhere charities are making a difference in the littlest of lives.

My youngest daughter Abigail was full term, born at 7lbs 5ozs. Carrying her was a completely different experience. She was my full term baby, my VBAC experience and my first “high risk” pregancy.

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