Ten things….

Top 10 things you should know about me:

1. I’m highly opinionated, intelligent, stubborn and strong. I’m very independent, not afraid to work hard or sweat to earn a living.

2.I am an Adult Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse, and of Domestic Abuse.

3. I am a keeper of the Sourdough crock.

4. I finished up raising my sisters, so this isn’t really my first time in motherhood, just the first time in raising baby; my very own little baby girl.

5. I’m an Eco-momma; I cloth diaper, make homemade baby food, avoid food additives, no juice before 12/18 months, no CIO or Baby Wise or Ferber, positive discipline, organic garden, compost, scratch cook, frugal living, etc.

6. I’m Pagan, I’m bi-sexual, I’m moderately liberal, support gay rights, gay marriage, freedom of religion, freedom from religion, separation of church and state, support pro-choice, biodiesel, free speech, and other issues.

7. I do not support any body modification on children outside the bounds of medically necessary. I do not support male circumcision, female circumcision/ mutilation, gender re-assignment surgery, ear piercings, and anything done to a child without un-pressured informed consent.

8. I cuss, curse, fart, burp, and yawn in public. I’m blunt, rude and crude and I’m proud of it.

9. My daughter was born three months early; she a 25/26 weeker and she’s a trooper.

10. My husband is my high school sweetheart and I’ve known him since we were both 16 years old.

Top 10 things I love and/or hate.

1. I love to bake and cook. I’m good with a pastry bag and I’m good with a crock pot. I’m willing to try foods I never had.

2. I love campfires, who am I kidding? I love fire. It’s so mesmerizing and peaceful. Not to mention useful and warm and connects me to my ancestors.

3. I love being a mother. OK I really love being a mother. I’ve waited for this from my first moon.

4. I crochet and I’m learning to knit. I love the fabric and yarn arts. I hope in time to learn how to do more.

5. I love to learn. I’m a bookworm and have way too many hobbies.

6. I hate stupid people and people who don’t think…

7. I hate it when someone claims to have an open mind and it turns out to be either closed or that their way is the way you need to be open-minded about. Having an open mind doesn’t mean I have to accept that particular view; what it means is to have a rational examination about it rather than to dismiss it outright.

8. I absolutely hate liars and lying by omission is still lying!

9. I hate war.

10. When I get around to thinking of something, I’ll place it here.

7 thoughts on “Ten things….

  1. Pat

    hey —-,it’s your aunt Pat. Not sure how I came across this but I’m glad I did. It told me alot about you and it’s all good with me. I love you.

  2. Some glitch is preventing me from “liking” posts, Isabella, so I’m reduced to leaving comments, such as this one, saying “I liked your post!” I love how down to earth, honest, and self-accepting you are!

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