About Autumn

Isn’t it about time I actually introduce myself here? I’m Autumn Zephyr, a member of The Peanut Gallery, a DID system and co-headmate with Isabella LeCour. I am the Queen Bitch with Army boots; mirror polished, of course. I am an Army of One and I defend against harm our system.

I am far more than a one-dimensional personality. I have my own hobbies, dreams and desires. I am the foremost poet in the system. It has been my domain from the beginning. Isa just bogarts. She writes the stories and I write the poetry. Except, she bogarts.

I am a budding digital creationist, a fancy way of saying an amateur jack-of-all-trades in digital art. I explore digital painting and play with programs such as Blender, Krita, Paint-3D, GIMP, and Inkscape.

I enjoy the challenges on a technical level. As such I support the open software movement and copyleft. I enjoy pushing software to the heights of excellence.

I even enjoy exploring programming and coding.  I’ve had several self taught projects over the years. This year, 2019, the project is two-fold; learning game streaming to it’s best quality for freeware and creating quality game episodes for uploading mostly to YouTube. There are several side projects. They usually are related to the main projects and this year is no different.

Keep the tea hot, the biscuits on the side and we’ll get along. And if it must be coffee, bring on the hazelnut creamer!