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A True Story

Every morning she opens her computer and searches for his profile just to soak in what words he may have penned. Every morning she checks. Every morning she cries. Four years and the feelings haven’t changed. Four years and she’s … Continue reading

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We don’t have words for the in-between.

The in-betweens is that place where you’re not quite in one state and not quite in another. It’s not the same as being on a journey from point A to point B. It’s more like being in a place where … Continue reading

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The Book

We restarted the writing course this month, going back to the beginning because, well, we got lost again. Tough subjects to deal with and didn’t handle it well at all.  Getting better at dealing with emotional pain, so counting that … Continue reading

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Trust You?

Oh, this is really weird. Trust you? No…I trust you to be yourself. I trust me far more than I trust you. Huh. What just fucking happened? This feels really weird and good at the same time.

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It’s not chocolate

As I sit here quite content in front of my new computer, I feel…spoiled rotten. And for the moment the phrase ‘spoiled rotten’ strikes me oddly. How do I mean to say I was lavished with things I like and … Continue reading

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  Years, that quote above has driven me nuts. For the longest time I’ve continually argued that the thought is missing a key element. Even digging into Hamlet and seeing what it is actually referring too, does lend a bit … Continue reading

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No. I don’t love standing without.

I’m still feeling out of sorts for over a month now. I haven’t really written anything at all. My classes have tanked. My inspiration got up and left. I’ve been lethargic. I firmly put my head back into my favorite … Continue reading

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