The Evolution of A Blog

This blog is the cumulative evolution of my spiritual search and my every pressing need to write. Back in ’99 or 2000, I started a group on the now defunct MSN Groups called Natural Healers and had a journal on AOL. Gosh, I don’t remember what the title of that blog was now. Over time my little group on MSN failed due to many things but I took away from that experience was that I preferred not to be constrained by other’s software. About two years later I think I lost AOL as a provider and lost my blog there. I still don’t have all of those posts.

I was bitten by the blogging bug and wanted to keep writing and to be heard. As my ability to stay online diminished,  I endeavored to learn HTML and had migrated most of my information to a new site on I created my site in 2003 or 04, originally named “Isabella’s Grove. Book of Shadows and Journal.” I had hoped that a website would be more stable than the other platforms that I dealt with before. I had a journal on that site too. I remember it had a black background with a full moon. I loved the look but I hated, absolutely hatted the whole journaling process there. It took forever to log on and angelfire had the worst editor I’ve every dealt with at that time.

Frustrations stifle creativity. My writing slowed down and inspiration fled. It took many more years to figure out the correct platform for my needs. I’m a writer, not a web site designer. As interesting as HTML and CSS is, it is not my art form. So on to the blogs it is! My first blog after that was on Livejournal, Living Pagan. It was eventually ported over to Blogger where it continued on as Seeking Sanctuary, Crafting Isabella and Autumn’s Twilight. I had broken up my blog to be inoffensive to the crafting community. I learned the hard way that my crafting posts were far fewer than religion or even motherhood. But even my crafting posts are dusted with Paganism. So here I am, cramming them back all under the same umbrella.

What I have searched for was an open community and one that can accept all the various parts of “me.” I am looking for sanctuary, a place to come to for comfort, healing, support and growth. I’m still seeking for that place in the Pagan community, the Parenting community and in the Crafting community. But in the meantime, you the reader are welcome to join me in “Seeking Sanctuary.