About Me

Hello there,

Welcome to Seeking Sanctuary.  I’m Isabella LeCour and this is my personal blog.  I’m an eclectic Pagan, a mother of two beautiful little girls, I’m a feminist, liberal and an aspiring writer. I enjoy needle crafts, baking, blogging and sex.

I’m still fairly new at crocheting and knitting, eight years new with more to learn. My mom was big on crocheting which is in part why I am obsessed with learning the needle arts, in memory of her. She tried to teach me when I was seven years old but she passed on before I had another chance to learn from her.

I’ve read a lot of “I taught myself to..” books and I’m doing fine with it, but it’s slow going. Not all my projects come out OK. Sometimes it’s a mess. But I’m still plugging along. DIY knitting is turning out to be a challenge, much larger than I expected. I’ve had to watch the knitting video’s and play them over and over.

I’m an amateur gardener with dreams of homesteading, frugal living, and a back to nature lifestyle. I love to cook just about anything and my body shows it.  I am a keeper of a sourdough crock which is my biggest passion, next to crochet but don’t tell that to knitting, hehe. I have many other hobbies so it’s a struggle to keep steady with the yarn.

This journal tends to cover whatever I find blog worthy at the moment. Everything from random quizzes, videos I found on YouTube, music, rants and just plan ole stuff is fair game. Most of the early posts were transferred from my LiveJournal blog and from my AOL journal with newer posts being transfered from Blogger. I’m still working out the bugs from the transfer.  So there will be a lot of changes in the coming months as I get to work on it. Posts will disappear and appear at will. 😀


3 Responses to About Me

  1. househo says:

    Pagan and Poly lifestles seem to fall hand in hand. I have been curious of the Pagan beliefs but I am just not one of those that deal with gatherings or rituals. I’m more of a “do my own thing and be in awe of nature” kinda gal.
    Your blog is very interesting though!

  2. I’m looking forward to reading! I have signed up for 3 knitting classes and all were cancelled due to lack of interest. I have always wished that someday I could knit an Irish sweater. I tend to aim high.

  3. Greetings, Isabella. Thank you for stopping by and ‘following’ Sophia’s Children! Lovely to meet you in the cyber-sphere. Blessings, Jamie

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