Off in my own world(s)

Sometimes my life is a little silly. Last few weeks I’ve been struggling with keeping a streaming schedule. Hmm, I stream Minecraft gameplay on Mixer. I do it for fun. I do it so I get used to talking to people again. I do it to give the kids in me a chance to let loose and play. Sometimes they don’t want to play. Those are the days my streaming gets very boring. lol

Minecraft 1.14 came out yesterday so there all sorts of new things to mess around with. Some things made me very very unhappy. Some things are just cool. So that’s what I’ve been doing. Playing on the backend of things again. Working on a few modpacks I’m developing and playtesting. Had taken a break and played some good modpacks.

I’m just a casual player. I like making things. All of this is…fun.

My Minecraft World

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