My Proposed Course of Study on Herbalism

This article was originally published on my defunct website back in 2001. I was lucky to find a digital copy backup copy. This has not been updated, expanded or link-checked in a very long time. I am reposting this to see if there is any interest in continuing this line of inquiry and to pull it out of my drafts folder. 

I believe in autodidactism – self-directed education. Although there are a number of courses available on the web for Herbalism, some free and some not, it is hard to judge the quality of the course without having a basic understanding of the subject matter. This is for those who might find my study outline useful in that it is presented without in-depth embellishment.

My Proposed Self Course of Study on Herbalism

Herbs and Spices in History
In magical practices
Medicine and folklore
The Spice Trade
History of the Spice Trade
UCLA Medicinal Spices Exhibit
History of Spices
Basic Information of Various Herbal Practices
Magical Practices
Kitchen Herbs
Incense and Ritual Meaning
Incense Recipes
Symbolism and Creativity
The Most Common Aromatic Herbs
The Emotional Factor
Various of Uses
Herbal Medicines
Using Caution
Folk Remedies
The Heath Food Store
Herbalism and The Law
Our Kitchen Herbs
Spice & Herb Encyclopedia
Preserving Ethnic Flavors
Edible Wild Plants in Local Region – Eastern United States
Experiments in Eating Wild Plants – Reported experimentation
Stalking the Wild Asparagus
Perfumes and essential oils
Essential Oils of India
The Art of Beauty
Essential Oils Primer
Perfume Primer
Homemade Basics
The Lost Art of Natural Dyes
Making Dye
Textile Uses
Wild crafting – Ethics
Trees in our Lives
     Tree based everyday products
     Food and handcraft uses of trees
     Trees in Magic and Medicine
     Trees that made History
Green Ecology

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