The Case against Kavanaugh Is Collapsing

It’s moments like this that makes me think this country has fallen into mass hysteria. I’ve read about women in tears, having panic attacks, being triggered all because of a collective sense of making someone pay for the sins of others, that’s called scapegoating folks, is failing.

It bothers me so many people are willing to ram home that belief without a shred of proof of a crime; charged and found guilty by the court of public opinion. The mob is mindless folks. The mob is the public. And it is the mob that operates on the power of emotions and it this case, fear, guilt and anger, a trifecta of dangerous negative emotions that will lead all over the cliff straight in social chaos to land squarely in a world devoid of any sense of humanity and decency.

I don’t know if he ever raped anyone. I do know, as of right now there is no evidence of such an act so I give him the benefit of the doubt until such a time that more evidence is presented to sway my personal opinion in a direction off of neutral. It is a principal I believe has value even now, to withhold judgment in the presence of strong emotion and evaluate according to the principals of reasoning under the demand for strong evidence.

Allowing ourselves to be swayed by strong emotions leaves all of us vulnerable to manipulation and it is this in the age of social media that each one of us needs to guard against.

“Your soul takes on the color of your thoughts.”
-Marcus Aurelius

So many have grabbed anger and coloured their minds with it. They have taken sadness and made it a part of themselves, and to what purpose? To enjoy misery? to enact a form of social solitary? Why this instead of that? What has made sadness and anger and misery more important than celebrating joy, happiness, and a life well lived?

Every moment of your life is lived by choice. Even in times such as these.

The Case against Kavanaugh Is Collapsing

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