Facing the week with gratitude. 

It was just a few Fridays ago I wondered what would happen if I faced the week with gratitude instead. Sounds like a good idea so here we are.  I don’t know what a majority of gratitude habits are but I’ll share mine.

I like to journal. When I do keep up with it –I’m really bad at doing so – I tend to record three things I’m grateful for that day.  So that’s what I’m going to do, share a little of my morning journal with you.

Today I’ve been thinking about all the people in my life. I have some very dear friends and moments like this I know I don’t show them my appreciation as much as I should. I don’t have many I call as friends but those that are, I know I can count on no matter what. To them I wish to say, thank you for being my friend.

I’ve also been especially grateful towards my husband. He’s stayed upbeat and chipper though this whole moving process and still manages to look out for me and make me smile. He makes me feel spoiled, in a good way.

I’m grateful that I’m happy. I’m not depressed. I’m not even feeling anxiety right now. I feel like I got my head on proper for the moment. I don’t know if it’s due to dietary changes I’ve made or what. Still having sleep issues but they will work out. I can smile and feel it. It’s such a wonderful feeling of feeling a smile inside as well as out and knowing it’s not faked at all. I’m grateful for these precious days.

I do tend to repeat things like these due to events around me. I’ve noticed that the happier I am, the more I notice people’s actions in my life. Which leads to an abundance of smiles, laughter, and love.

May you all find your abundance of smiles, laughter, and love.


About Isabella LeCour

She is nothing more than the collections of thoughts placed into the virtual worlds. She is a poet, a mother, a lover, many things to different people. But mostly, she is nothing but smoke and mirrors - some ethereal thing that blinks in an out of existence.
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