Unexpected Pleasures

Why not bring back Gratitude Fridays? As a writing practice, I’ve found it to be a positive one. Particularly as it induces a cheerful mood for the weekends. Hmm, maybe I should move it to Mondays to induce a cheerful mood for the week? What do you think?

With this move, a lot of my little routines have fallen by the wayside. My journaling, although I have to admit that fell by the wayside quite a bit a go and I’m just now returning to it. Routines are difficult for me to maintain.

Yet today I want to share my appreciation of my husband. Of all the men I know, I am thankful it’s he that’s with me.

Last night we went out to a Thai restaurant for dinner. Both of us had never had Thai but were eager to try it.  Wow.  We ordered potstickers, he got Bangkok street noodles and I got red curry with chicken. We were both blown away with the flavors. The potstickers were a familiar taste but the dipping sauce and the dressing on the side salad were outstanding.

When the entrees arrived and we dug it, both of us were frozen in tasters delight. Every single bite was appreciated. I’ve never had a meal where eating and tasting was so pleasurable. And then there was dessert, ice cream with fried bananas.

My first bite, I was lost. For about 30 seconds I was transported to a world of flavor and sensations and that was all that existed as I orgasmed from a single bite.  That wasn’t plain vanilla ice cream. It was some sort of vanilla-ish coconut ice milk paired with fritter fried bananas drizzled with a lightly sweet sauce. It was exquisite.

I’ve never experienced anything like that in my life. My mouth and tongue pleasured beyond what I thought was possible. And I got to share this with someone just as entranced by it all as I was, which doubled my pleasure.

Companionship on adventures counts for a whole hell of a lot.  And so does finding unexpected pleasures and appreciating every moment of them.

May you find a way to make your taste buds tingle and your palate dance.


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