Today of all days

OMG This country has gone fucking nuts. Hurry up people and make pot legal and get this country stones off its ass so it can only think about where to get the next round of munchies.

Too many people want to fight. Too many think they are right. Too many people willing to risk Other’s lives. Too many people want to die. All you fuckers are crazy beyond belief. This isn’t the land of brave or the free. Welcome to the US, where our souls are sold for dollars and our hurts manipulated for those cyberlife hours. It’s all a scam, the news isn’t real. Everything is upside down – right is wrong and wrong is right and no body knows why or how it flipped one day. I can hear the drums of war playing on the television and piped in on the net. And all you dumbass are falling for it. Puppets, puppets, thinking you are doing righteous acts – saving your people – your cause – your life not even realizing you’re the cause – you’re the cause it’s all dying. “Stand up!” they scream calling you to the ranks of protest – puppet fodder – cannon fodder – you don’t even know who’s calling the orders – your mind’s been clouded too long with emotions, addicted to feeling good, feeling oh so heavenly – on the cause of heaven and right – and so damn blind. You can’t see what your doing – your damn nose is stuck up the tree and you can’t see the forest burning. Everything good that should be stood for – all thrown away – deemed an inconvenience to the progress of the cause. If you’re so willing to throw away honesty, throw away humility, throw away compassion, throw away justice, throw away progress just because your cause is willing to sacrifice that as a loss to the greater good – now that’s the upside down thinking right there. Throw the world topsy turvy – confuse the population – start riots and fighting – destabilize the rule of law – increase the disrespect for society and their fellow man – demonize anyone who disagrees – you got the perfect recipe –
to .. really? And you want me to spell it out for you too?
Wake the Fuck Up Already!

2 thoughts on “Today of all days

  1. The people , the politicians , the Democrats did not believe Trump would win.

    He is a outsider with a lot to learn. Ok so he’s not perfect, so he’s done some things in the past. The bottom line is he cannot be bought.

    Did you see the video where the DNC was talking about paying protestors? That is what the great USA has come to.

    Free everyone wants free .

  2. Oh yeah, I saw it. I don’t doubt protestors and agitators are being paid to do what they do. On both sides, well – all sides of the political spectrum actually.

    But for me, what sparked that ‘venting’ was Pride Day and the rhetoric that comes after a planned disruption to the parade and the inevitable clash with the police. Too many commenters are encouraging the divide, encouraging anger and hatred, encouraging disorder and criminal conduct – all in the name of protest.

    To be honest, I see the same in each of the extream forms of politics. Just yesterday, extream ideology and talk became mainstream. I hope only for a moment so everyone realizes it’s a horrible idea.

    I am afraid my hope is only that.

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