I’d rather look forward

I almost forget today is Friday. I’ve skipped / ignored quite a few of them already. You know there is something special about gratitude and taking the time to express gratitude. For a moment I’m not looking backwards finding negatives but searching for positives. And it is the positives that I need listed and reminded of far more than most things in my life.

Right now I don’t want to face something out of my past. I just wish I could forget it, bury it back under as I’m struggling with dealing with the emotions of it. But I wonder, is it possible to be grateful of the future as much as one is grateful of the past?

Or is that what hope is made of? Gratitude for and of the future?

I’d like to explore this thought, how to carry gratitude into the future, how to face the future with gratitude. I won’t feel so much like I’m driving life backwards through the rear-view mirror.

I’d like to start plotting my course forwards.



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2 Responses to I’d rather look forward

  1. I don’t want to come off as too negative here, but I think there can be profound differences between hope and gratitude. We think so often of hope as purely positive thing, but the ancient Greeks had very mixed feelings about. Some saw is encouraging us to take action in anticipation of our goals, but others described it as treacherous emotion that distorted our view of what was most likely to come so that we failed to make adequate plans or preparation for it. Gratitude, on the other hand, seems to suffer from no such downside.

  2. Stormwise says:

    I also see a difference between hope and gratitude. Hope I do not see as bad or negative at all … it’s a wish, a dream, and perfectly natural to our condition. What I think is dangerous is trying to live from hope alone – it’s like finding yourself lost in the wilderness and praying for food to fall out of the sky. I think gratitude is good so long as it is honest – and not taken for granted by the recipient. Therefore, I would hesitate at expressing gratitude for the future. What I usually employ gratitude for is as a last, positive note of closure for something. That is how I can express gratitude for my past and present, and move on to the future without having to continuously look back đŸ™‚

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