Oh really? Today is what?

It’s quite funny, today is International Woman’s day and I haven’t the slightest bit of interest in it. Never heard of it before and I’m sure it’s going to be used as some bellwether for a political movement or some such thing. I see social media references to protests. I just shrug and move on.

Somebody pretty important to me recently said they were going ‘radio silent’ for a while. Okay, everyone needs to do that from time to time. Not a big deal, right? Except, they are still pretty active on social media. Right. They just didn’t want to say they had no interest in talking to me anymore. Oooookay then.

So, in the interest of International Women’s Day, I suggest you be honest to the women in your life. At the very least you get to say you participated in celebrating this day. Win – Win for everyone!

Anyways, by the time International Men’s Day rolls around, I’m sure the guys can present the world a list of celebratory actions to partake in. Just sign me up for the cooking. I’ll put on coffee and make a feast.


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2 Responses to Oh really? Today is what?

  1. Stormwise says:

    I think every day should be a day to celebrate others – I could care less about gender or even species – that we feel the need to set aside ‘a’ day in the year to appreciate a particular demographic is something I find tragic. I think doing things together is a great idea for ways to celebrate one another … cooking together, grilling together, sharing life together. Having single days, set aside for certain demographics, although intended to call attention, has a tendency to promote ‘us – them’ mentalities.

    • autumnzephyr2014 says:

      That it does and it’s that aspect I have no care for. The more I looked into this day, the more I had to shake my head. It ended up more of a photo opp than Mother’s Day.

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