Happy Friday

I just put on bbq pork in the crock pot. I made my homemade bbq sauce and it is tasty! Only problem, I never seam to make it the same way twice. But I didn’t come up here today to chit chat about food although it’s a bit related. I want to talk about the Magic School Bus.

I love the show. I didn’t watch it as a kid, well because I had strange parents. But I did spend my early adulthood watching kid cartoons like the Magic School Bus and Rugrats and loved every minute of it. Lately, I’ve had Ms. Frizzle stock quote “Take chances! Get messy!” ping pong around my brain box.

I’m learning how to apply this, only now at this age. Strange how that is. I’m quite a bit of a perfectionist. It has a huge downside. It usually means nothing gets done if I feel I can’t get it right, the first time. And I found a way to fight it in a very odd but fun way.

Minecraft. I can already hear half of you laughing and the other half scratching their heads. Okay, Minecraft is an open world game which means beyond the quick beat the dragon, there are no goals set out. Which means you have to exercise goal setting, planning, and drum roll please…”Take chances! Get Messy!”

I’ve had to push myself to play and get messy, to take risks, to welcome mistakes as the learning lessons I teach my children they are.  And with these lessons in hand and tucked into my belt, I geared up and went into the Nether.

The Nether scares the hell out of me. I can’t explain it. It feels so silly. The place is full of ugly red blocks that burn, roaming screaming ghosts that sound like mad cats, zombie pig men that you just don’t want to touch least they pack up and kill you, roaming flower carrying zombies which is all sorts of wrong, fireball ball shooting flying electrical engines  called blazes, they remind me of electrical coils and gosh I have no idea what else. But I pushed myself to go to this terrifying place just so I could mine some ores so I can tick off a few more things of my self imposed goal list.

It’s taken me a few days to mentally prepare for this. I got my gear as best I could. Into the Nether with enchanted hardened leather armor, a bow, my sword, my hammers and pickax, I felt so under prepared. And then it was anti-climatic.

I fought a few battles, shot down the shooting flying fireballs, ran and hid from the Ghasts, killed a bunch of zombies and mined, mined, mined. I didn’t die. I went back home with all my loot. With a heavy wipe on my brow, I was glad it was over. But it wasn’t too bad.

I followed Ms Frizzles advice “Take chances! Get messy!” Thanks Ms Frizzle.



For the curious, I’m currently playing single player mod pack from FTB Hermitpack
and no, I’m not planning on becoming a YouTuber. I’ll leave that to the pro’s. 


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