Shades of Seasons Past

Some pains sadly sink in to repeat
year by year
like ghosts on the water 
revisiting battlefields. 


I’m fighting my own ghosts of the season. Seams Isa has more than a few to cast shadows from now till June. My own ghosts I carry are doubly burdensome, these ghosts of November and December.

I do not know why so much memory is tied into my body. It matters little who of who I am, the tick-tock of time still catches up and leaves me with unsettled feelings, aches, pains and worst, flashbacks.

My hand can not erase
mistakes that I create
time is unforgiving
may your heart be so 

I had assumed that a year would be enough time to heal certain wounds. I was wrong. These wounds of the heart may never heal. And if that is the case, I still must carry on. Forward is the only way. Forward into the dawn.

Remember me, they cry
silver shadows beckon me
Remember me, they cry

These shades of seasons past
cry out to me
leaving tears to taste 
yet again

Like old soldiers 
toasting the dawn


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Digital artist. Poet. member of the "Peanut Gallery"
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