We Will Stand United

Here is why being quiet about politics will never work; it is up to us, the public, and not the news agencies to denounce the actions, behaviors, beliefs and policies of people in power and influence. We, the people are responsible for that, not the news.

If we remain quite, if we remain silent, our view, our voice can not be considered in the greater conversation that takes place. Yes, it is uncomfortable to voice your convictions. I assure you, now it is necessary more than ever to speak out.

Yet, do consider your principles and what they are based on. We as a people, as a country have a diverse background and set of principles. It is fool hardy to believe that everyone believes as you do. It is equally fool hardy to believe that everyone values the same principles as you.

This Thanksgiving, I hope families gather around the table to share a meal and conversation. I hope strangers come together, share a meal and ideas. I hope this country comes together and finds at least one thing to hold on to of value. I implore you that it be holding to the principals outlined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

We, as Americans, of all creeds, beliefs, religions or not are held together by this common thread. It is our country and our Constitution that makes us unique. It is our Constitution that unifies us. It is not political affiliations or religion that accomplishes unity.

Let our love of Freedom unite us!


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7 Responses to We Will Stand United

  1. The problem with Americans we are silent, we bitch amoung our selves but never to the people who has put our country in such a mess.
    The congress or the senate was never meant to be a full time job or a career,
    Both houses are lawyers and I’ve never met an honest lawyer.
    Americans are like herded cattle we just go along with what ever.

    Taxes and regulations have destroyed our country.
    While many do not like Trump he cannot be bought, he is not taking a salary the 400k a year nor will he take the retirement.

    The locker room talk ladies if you could only hear a group of men out back.

    Taxes while it is true he has paid little to none. These are the tax laws written by both houses

    What he has paid is property taxes employee tax , workmans comp , none of his employees pay for medical, and all women get paid maturnity leave.

    Now again I did not vote for Trump but maybe I should have.

    99% of the news on Facebook is so far from true , I’ve read then face checked .

    The electoral college was put in place to make the election fair. If we did away with it a few states would determine the outcome.

  2. autumnzephyr2014 says:

    We don’t seam to have a good understanding of our political processes at all, not even on a local level. And worse there seams to be a complete disinterest in it at all. I hope this election cycle sparks some interest in paying attention.

    When it comes to Trump, I don’t think it matters if he can’t be bought. I do see him as gullible in unique areas and thus easy to sway. I find that equally dangerous in a president but it’s also something that we have had before. His ethics, where do I start? I haven’t liked him sense I did a business case study on the man. I hate to say it but Trump is more likely a bigger puppet than we’ve ever had in the White house. I wish I could pray he had the crazy and savvy of that fictional character Capt. Jack Sparrow. He’s going to need it.

    On Facebook, it’s depressing seeing how much has to be debunked. It’s depressing seeing friends and family not using their brains and just passing along any ole item without evening have a blip of ‘hey wait a minute, that shit’s fake’. Correcting them all, doesn’t earn any love and just pisses them off, sadly.

    Heh, it’s true. Guys can and do get pretty raunchy and let everything hang out. Most leave it in those circles, those times among friends, those male bonding and beer moments. Most know and respect the limits of acceptability in public. Trump’s actions show a twisting and breaking the rules for his benefit, even the unwritten, unspoken, social rules. He is uncouth.

    But the funny part about the electoral collage, at first I was against it, felt it was unfair. Which it is, as every single vote counts for next to nothing. Which means I lean more towards a Republic than a Democracy. But in this case, even if every vote counted, I’d still be pretty upset but might just be fairly alone in that. Yet in both cases, popular vote or electoral collage; the states who really have the power to choose and influence the election are a few. They may change over time, but in both cases, it still comes down to the few over the many.

    The voting process isn’t perfect. Democracy isn’t perfect. It is what we have to work with and I don’t think that’s bad. Not everyone is going to be happy. That isn’t even the goal. Can we be functionally unhappy all together, I feel really is. It’s the functional part that matters.

    • Trump is uncouth many say that about me as well unfiltered.

      The process was just fine in 2000 when Gore won the popular vote by almost 600.000.
      No protest, no riots , no burning cars or looting or hurting people.
      The last debate Hillary was confronted about the DNC paying protesters and she gave a blank stare.
      I’m not sure how to fix the voting system but the popular vote would never work.
      The election would be decided by California, New York, and Florida and one or two more states.

      I think Trump can be controlled and he is putting a good team together

  3. autumnzephyr2014 says:

    There is a huge level of difference between you Vile and Trump, one of which, I know who the better man is and second where you are unfiltered, you are also unpretentious and truthful. Trump doesn’t get either one.

    You do rightly bring up an interesting point. Gore did win the popular vote so what really is the difference between then and now? I will have to give this some thought.

    I can not count a blank stare as an admission of proof that protesters are being paid. It would be like asking someone if they have finely stopped beating their kids and getting a blank stare in return and then just hauling off and arresting them on that stare.

    But is there anything in the laws that make it illegal to fund and pay protesters? If there is, oh boy, oh boy I’ve got a ton of things to address on US foreign policy.

    Agreed, those states would almost certainly carry the bulk of the popular vote. But for now, we got four years to play petty politics to redraw the district lines. I guess it’s a national hobby.

    About what I see on Trump, I just don’t know. I don’t like the leanings I’m seeing for the most part. But I’m left to wonder, can they set aside their own personal bias and perform their duty to best of their ability and for the best of the people. That strength of character is rare to find but mostly only found when it is needed.

    • The paid protesters the ones who organized the events are on tape receiving money from the DNC.
      This is the most negative campaign I’ve ever seen.
      I’m not sure what it’s going to take to fix the problems but if we the people continue to be silent it will only get worse.

      At one time I truly had respect for the Clintons, I voted for bill twice as I did obama.

      It is nice to be able to have a conversation without blowing up

      • autumnzephyr2014 says:

        Huh. I haven’t seen any video on that. I’ll go looking for it a bit later. And yes, I agree; this has been a tragically negative campaign cycle.

        I appreciate not having it blow up. Something about viewing everyone with worth and dignity helps. Thanks Vile. 🙂

  4. autumnzephyr2014 says:

    Now I’ve got cooking madness to attend to. Hope your holidays be happy ones.

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