Dear Facebook and well any social media, this goes for you too

Why do I bother? Facebook, the place where it should be easier to connect with friends and family is full of unchecked and unfiltered hate. So many of you are spewing hate and you don’t even realize it. You don’t catch it, you don’t hear it. You don’t even see your bullying behavior.
It’s not just on one side of the political spectrum. It’s on both sides. It’s sickening to watch. Both sides so far entrenched into the extremes and unable to even hear the other, can’t even tell when both sides are getting played.
What do you have when you can’t compromise? An extremist. And when you become an extremist, it’s surprisingly easy to make a virtue out of hate.
That’s no virtue to me. So, yes I’m going to point it out where I see it. And yeah I take the long way around when I do. I refuse to do your thinking for you. I refuse to spell it out. I know people hate, just hate to have the truth pointed out for them. But it’s like this, if I tell you that bush has a wasp’s nest, it’s on your ass when you go over there and punch the bush and get stung.
You may not think you’re full of hate but a good deal on my FB are. And you’re not alone either in your hateful ways of thinking. And if you think I’m addressing “the other guys” well you’re wrong, it goes for you too. I would rather deal with an honest hateful son of a bitch than a smiling lier that would stab me in the back as soon as I turned around. So, which one are you? Yeah, I know; unfair leading question.
You haven’t a clue what hate I’m talking about. You think it’s all just the politics. Some of it is, most not really. Politics sure has brought it up to the surface but it’s been there, lurking, unchecked and mostly unfed.
Now it’s easy to feed Hate and get all those pats on the backs from friends and family. You’re one of the team, you’re part of the tribe, you just traded a part of your being in exchange for an ego boost. Virtue sells pretty cheap these days.
Why do I bother popping this bubble? It needs to be popped before all of ya’ll float away.
Think about what you are saying. Think about the phrases you use and repeat. Think about your actions. Think outside your personal bubble. Think.

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One Response to Dear Facebook and well any social media, this goes for you too

  1. Xtac says:

    Right ON! We have two ears, one mouth for a reason. We all need to do more listening.

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