Living in Fear Takes away our Joy


Today I open up to you all here so you may gain something positive from my experiences, something that may prove valuable in the days ahead.

My childhood, the few years I had of it were shit. I’ve pieced together a nicer version of my childhood but even telling that one, tends to make folks either get very angry or cry. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. But that’s not the worse of it. The level of emotional abuse, to me, to my mother from my father still echo’s around me. But I’m not here to discuss all of that. I put that out there so you can understand, I do know what the taste of fear is.

Fear doesn’t always look like the bad guy. It’s often there to protect us, guide us and keep us from harm. But fear has a blind spot. It’s always looking out for danger and often spots it when there is no danger at all, but fear is hard to convince it’s not there.

Fear is deep rooted and quite primal. It’s jumpy and anxious and it’s not rational. Fear makes mistakes. But mostly fear is a liar. Well, what is commonly thought of as Fear is a liar. It’s actually anxiety. And feeding that saps the life out of us.

When you live in fear, you don’t see anything about tomorrow. It’s all about right now, this problem, how to survive. You don’t stop to smell the roses or admire the sunset. You don’t take to time to do something nice for yourself, or make connections in your community. Everything is about the current crisis or the next one looming ahead.

You stop living. You just exist. Life has no meaning because you’re too busy fighting to survive to bother with living a meaningful life. The amount of stress the body holds because of fear is astounding. The amount of medical issues because of fear, because I lived a stressful, abusive childhood, I can’t begin to calculate. But I can say stress is really bad for the body. And Fear is stressfully.

Right now, I see so many people, friends and family here on Facebook fearful for the future, fearful for their children and grandchildren. So much is being poured into drumming up fear, so they react in fear. How much more run down are we all feeling, how much doom and gloom have we got in our hearts about the future?

That Fear is a lie.

It’s anxiety, nothing more. And not something that should be feed.
Some things haven’t changed one bit. The government is still chugging along with as much corruption as it did before. Wars are going on all over the world. So much is happening it is just as hard to get a good grasp on it all. The fact that this is the information age hasn’t altered the amount of misinformation, deceit and manipulation. People are still the same, still people, still motivated by what they always have been.

Frankly, none of this is new in our human history. This all has been repeated many times through out history; wars, politics, atrocity’s and the utter shittiness we are to our fellow humans. This is not new. Thus this should not be a surprise, nor should the ending of the tail be one either.

So why Fear?

Fear makes us vulnerable and easier to control. It makes us predictable. Fear leads us to hunker down, circle the wagons, protect our own and attack anything that looks dangerous. Fear leads us down the path of kill first and ask questions later. Fear leads us down the path of kill them all and let God sort out the rest. Fear opens the door to our deepest ugliness.

Fear leads to mass riots, regular people doing things they themselves would not have thought possible. History already shows this, history already shows what has happened when a population is primed with fear. We can see it happening already, right now in this world we all share. Fear changes you, changes your values, changes the way you live, the way you interact and the way you believe.

But worst of all, Fear will cause you to lose your Freedom.

Those who push and peddle fear, those who use fear do so to control. It’s all about the control. And if you are afraid, you are not in control. You are not in control of yourself at all. What’s pushing your fear button? Is it reasonable? Is is truthful? How can you tell the difference?

Fear is a mirage.

You can’t deal with a phantom, you can’t kill it, you can’t arrest it, you can’t cage it. All you can do is shine an extra bit of light at that spot so you can see what is going on. And it will evaporate before your eyes. It has no substance when questioned. It has no basis of being when examined.

Living in fear is a daymare, nightmare all in one. It’s hard to climb out of it, to let go of being afraid, to let go of being fearfully and to see it for what it is; an often misguided warning system that’s been over primed to spot danger. And I find it frustrating to watch this society sink down into the grip of fearful living.

I challenge you to question it. Question your fears. Examine them. Pull them out and look at them. Then decide if they are worth keeping, if they are accurate, if they are rational and reasonable.

Control your fears or your fears will control you.


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  1. So eloquently written. Thank you for sharing this.

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