I’m a baby masochist

I woke up this morning with this thought on my mind, ‘I’m a baby masochist’. Last evening’s fun was still playing in my mind and it still amazed me. I had gotten just about everything I wanted and here I was purring like a kitten, curled up under the blankets bemused.

Writing erotica turns me on. I am so blaming that even if I know full well there is more to it. I was squirming throughout the day Sunday, feeling it build up and oh I was in need. A capital letter N – E – E – D level of NEED. Typically I just wait till I’m alone and attack myself for a few hours but not this time. Mid afternoon found me in the shower, scrubbing up and enjoying the water wash over my skin. I knew that would perk my husband’s interest.

He’s got a thing about me fresh out of water, shower, pool, whatever. Having my hair all wet and water clinging on my skin, I think it sends him back when we were first dating and getting to know each other in high school, got to love swim class. I’m feeling the sass rise up in me thinking as soap suds wash down me. How do I get his attention?

Lucky break! He comes into the bathroom to piss and I open the shower door and just watch him, putting myself on full display under the warm water. And I smile, really smile at him, just chatting a bit before he walks off. Hmm, that should perk things up. Hell, I even winked when he asked what I was up too.

The truth was strangled deep in my throat. How could I tell him I wanted to get laid but laid real fucking good! I’ve got major trust issues with my husband and we both got some fears about each other that makes sex a typical boring routine. Switching out mid stroke isn’t fun nor is getting tossed off the bed. Yeah, I don’t know we’ve survived being married all these years. I do know he loves me, all of me.

So I saunter out into the living room, a towel barely around me. I left the front open as another enticement. Goodness, I never realized how much I had to think about all this! He’s playing away on his game but turns to nuzzle against me and then pulls my pubic hair hard. I didn’t even wince. Oh, yes..gonna get a hair cut. He teases me for a bit and I find out I have to wait. Dinner was on the way. Oh, hell no, I wasn’t settling for a quickie. I’ll wait. Shit, I was crossing my fingers hoping like hell my sex drive wouldn’t vanish on me after eating or I’d change rolling into one of the others. Nope nope nope, not this time. I felt like Kaylee! (a Firefly reference if no one caught that!)

Pizza a and wings is a rather naughty dinner. I’m sucking off bones and licking my fingers. This was perfect! I didn’t over eat and surprisingly he didn’t let me. He boxed up half of it and put it away. Seems he’s got plans on his brain too!

Dinner is over when I in a fit of pique go lay down on the bed. I don’t know how to get this ball rolling, don’t know how to express my needs. So I whimper into my pillow feeling every bit of skin screaming for sensation as I cuddle against my soft fuzzy blanket. If something doesn’t happen soon I’m gonna fall asleep right here waiting for tomorrow.

My ass in up in the air and I wiggle it hearing him come in the room. Smack! His comes down on my ass as he’s asking if I’m asleep. I don’t even respond. I’m ignoring him, knowing full well I’m bratting hard. Smack, smack! Oh, yeah. I’m so not asleep, not a chance. I hid my grin as I roll over an’ face him. I get told to go get towels so he can shave me. Yes! Better than nothing cause the afterwards is often a fucking! The brat in me has taken full hold and as I leave the bedroom I place my hands behind me and give him the double finger. I scoot through the living room in a hurry.

Halt! Oh, shit. My feet stopped all on their own and I’m shaking. I’ve never obeyed my husband before, what the hell is this? His voice was different. This is different, very different. I’m half-way between laughing and crying at the same time as he walks up to behind and spins me around. Oh shit, I’m in trouble. Growling he asks me what did I say. I squeak out “I’m sorry.”
“Oh, you’re going to be sorry.”

I find my feet and run to the bathroom and grab the towels. He’s right on my heals growling in my ear, giving instructions. It’s right on the tip of my tongue to respond with a yes Sir or even a yes Master. I swallow them both back down, double stunned as my lips say a simple yes. What the hell is wrong with me? I grab the towels, slinking back into the bedroom and lay them out per instructions.

Laying on the bed, deep breathing trying to clear my head. What just happened? Everything just changed just like that, in the blink of an eye or in this case in the quickness of two middle fingers.

I’m gonna skip what happened next. I’m keeping that to myself. My treasures. Well, okay a snippet or two.

He wanted safe words. Okay, odd. It’s something we rarely talked about and bloody hell it turns out I have three different safe words. Go figure.

My poor ass is getting spanked, really spanked. It hurts! And that still doesn’t still the chatter in my head. In that moment pride swelled up inside of me as my thoughts went to two different people and I wanted to make both of them proud. I knew I needed to stay still and not wiggle. I knew I needed to take this and push, simply push through it. I knew I could do it. Just let it wash through me and breath. Their words were right there with me as if they were in the room. Hot damn! These men of mine, they really get into my head.

My husband pushes me hard into pain. I’m lost, so lost in it. My nipples are twisted hard, pulled on and I’m a quivering moaning thing of flesh. He slows down, wanting me to respond. I hear him, I do and that’s all I am for a few minutes, feeling and hearing. It takes me a bit to respond, to curl my fingers around his arm. I’m flying high in the stratosphere and he’s calling me back down to earth.

Oh wow. Just wow. I always suspected I’d be like this. Never thought it would ever happen. My Master was very right. I’m a bit of pain slut. But I don’t think anyone but Dreamwalker suspected I was also a brat. And much to my amusement, the welts on my ass that took a great deal to create vanished in a few hours. I don’t even have a mark on my skin I could caress and remember.

Oh, and if you can’t figure it out by now, it was Awesome!


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She is nothing more than the collections of thoughts placed into the virtual worlds. She is a poet, a mother, a lover, many things to different people. But mostly, she is nothing but smoke and mirrors - some ethereal thing that blinks in an out of existence.
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