Hot Coffee and Tea

Hot Coffee and Tea

Good Monday morning everyone. I’m sitting down cradling a hot cup of tea instead of my usual coffee. Gasp! It’s not all bad news. Plenty of coffee still in the house and I still love the aroma of fresh brewing coffee. However I have to limit my intake to two cups a day. I am making a ton of changes to improve my health after being diagnosed with high blood pressure. That has been harder to do that I thought. I love my coffee. I enjoy the feel of it sliding past my tongue and down my throat. I love the way it clears my head and wakes me and the way it warms my belly and soul.

But the love affair isn’t over. I wave to the coffee pot from afar. I whimper and sniffle seeing my husband has left behind a half pot of morning coffee. But I do not touch it.

I go for tea instead. I love my tea but it’s just not the same. There is something romantic about holding that warm cup of deep black brew between my cupped fingers. Tea just feels week on the tongue in comparison. Until I tried an American Breakfast tea. Whoa! That was a total surprise right there.

That tea seeped out a dark black liquid, strong and pungent. The first taste was strong. It’s the strongest tea I have drank. It even has a good full body mouth feel to it. But boy howdy! Do not let the bag stay in the cup for long. It got so strong I worried it was going to melt the cup, not to mention what it might do to my stomach. For the first time I found a tea that commanded respect like coffee. This was not something to trifle with.

Ah, I have come to the bottom of this cup, no tea leaves to examine. It has been a great cup of tea.

May your morning be warm as your hands cradle a warm cup *winks*


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