Listening to Daffodils

It’s not everyday that one of my photos make’s it on this little blog of mine. This one went though a little tweaking thanks to google’s photo magic. I think it came out better than I expected.

Perseverance through Adversity

Perseverance through Adversity

It’s a striking image to me. Growing tall and strong, past the fences that block progress, pass the neglect that stunts growth, to form this single beautiful bloom that graces the earth on a grey dull sky, hinting of promises of sun, life and success. That it doesn’t matter what cage we find ourselves in, we can always find a way to grow beyond them and burst free.

I look forward to the all of bright colors of early spring and of the sunny daffodil blooms. Such giddy wild patches of color come blooming up. Carpets of deep velvet purple, shockingly bright splashes of fresh spring green and brilliant yellows make my soul sigh in contentment.


It’s the simple wonder of the early spring bloom that will carry me onward though summer. And my thanks to the hands that planted the bulb; you have given me many smiles over the years.


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  1. Alice says:

    Daffodils always have a bit of that feel about them, don’t they. “No winter so dark and bleak that the daffodil fails to return…”

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