H is for Hellenic Paganism

This is a bit on the late side for publication. It’s still a valid question. Even with time to let it settle and sit for a bit, I am still full of questions as ever.

I am an eclectic Pagan with Hellenic tendencies. That’s been my tag line for what I believe for many years now. I don’t claim to be a Hellenic Recon or a Hellenic¬†Polytheist. I am neither. Whatever I am, I do draw the majority from Hellenic practice and from the Greek Deities. The rest I gather from sources as guided by my UPG.

Years ago I remember researching Hellenomosis and I ran into an ongoing debate over recons and eclectics. Unfortunately that debate centered on Hellenic recons vs. Hellenic eclectics. The debate itself was the classic “who is and who isn’t” and “who has the right” to declare what makes a person Hellenic. As I was just starting a deep set of researching into Hellenomosis, I decided to avoid calling myself a Hellenic for fear of a nasty online bashing.

I don’t know if that debate was ever solved and indeed I feel that debate is one that can not be solved.

I don’t know what makes a Pagan a Hellenic Pagan. I’ve seen mention to worshiping the Greek Gods, having an Hellenic worldview, keeping a household shrine, worshiping the household Gods, celebrating the festivals according to the Athens calendar, following worship formulas without divination, not following a Wiccaneque ritual format, not using magic or witchcraft, not using UPG, must learn Greek, read original source texts in the original language and plus or minus any number of restrictions, practices and viewpoints.

All that has left me very confused as to what is Hellenic Paganism.


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