Netflix can be downright amazing at times. Kumare is a film that’s hard to place. It’s a documentary film about religion, false Gurus and perhaps the innate drive to seek religious truth.

While watching, I found that I wanted to write to Bonewits about several questions that occurred to me. I found it intriguing to see a variety of people from all walks of life confirm this man’s special qualities by what looked like gut feeling alone. I kept thinking about Bonewit’s switchboard theory and wondering if it could be applied to the situation that I was watching unfold.

Kumare’s charisma seamed to grow larger as the devotes poured more into their response to him. Watching this, I had a vague unease about hero worship, that what is being worshiped is a personal idea and not what reality is. This seamed to be the crux of what was happening with the Kumare’s teachings.

His teachings, coming from an honest place inside the film maker was one the resented within me. The Mirrow teachings essence, that we are our own guru is one that I firmly believe in. Yeah, some of the meditation and yogi looked hooky to me but I can see how it would easy to set aside a few minor snags to keep the better teachings.

IT is disturbing to see just how easy it is to create cults. Our innate need for connection, community and guidance does come with a price. Even if the teachings are strong and valuable, it doesn’t erase the possibility that there is fraud. Too often scammers offer a good product at first and then switch to a cheeper and inferior product. It may be the same when creating destructive cults.

On a SideNote: This has been sitting in the drafts section sense April 27, 2013.

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