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Every so often I find a site I feel deserves a shout out and it becomes featured as a ‘Spotlight Site’. Usually I’ve followed it for a while and became a fan. Featured so far are kitchen and Pagan blogs but almost any site and topic can be considered. I was about to list a website for this month’s ‘Spotlight Site’ and was doing my usually web research surrounding the site before hand. And what I learned gave me pause.

When I feature a site, I am giving them a personal thumbs up, my personal recommendation and as such it reflects on me as well. Sometimes being a fan, I can ignore a bit of unpleasantness in favor of what is good but not in the vetting process of what site deserves to be a ‘Spotlight Site’.

It is clear to me that I need policy, a rubric to evaluate these sites. I don’t want to support sites, site owners, site administrators or contributors that are morally repugnant to me. So racism, gender and sexual discrimination, religious persecution  and hate are right at the top of the list of stuff I want to avoid. I prefer sites that are accurate, informative, entertaining, positive in worldview, open-minded and excellent.  Just trying to K.I.S.S. (keep it simple). 

‘Spotlight Sites’ will become an award with a spiffy cool graphic to display.
I need to create the graphics for the award, so this month there is no ‘Spotlight Sites’ to feature.  There are plenty of wonderful sites out there; if you find a site you think I’d love, send me a link!  wink  You never know, it might become the next ‘Spotlight Site’.


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