Thinking of Boston

I was working on a post for this blog when I got the news yesterday about Boston. I haven’t finished that post. I tried keeping up with the news for a little while but I couldn’t handle all the pictures and videos. All I can do is read the news, skipping the slideshows and videos. Any more than that and I’m sure I’ll end up in tears.

I rarely have a lot of words for tragedies. I never know what to say, what is appropriate and what is not going to cause any more hurt. Saying that “I am so sorry for your lost” just isn’t enough and yet I choke on saying more.

I have a pragmatic view of life.  I know tragedy can happen anywhere and to anyone and in almost in endless form. I know that not one second more of life is guaranteed.  I also know that there is little I can personally do to prevent events like this. I refuse to life my life in fear. I keep my eyes and ears open and watchful. I go about my day much like any other. Except today.

I hug my children tighter. I’m looking around me more often. And I worry about the world my children are growing up in. I know war touches every generation and I know that most of us in the US haven’t faced what war really is. It’s been kept away, remote where only the few ever deal with it; Our Honoured Soldiers facing the horror so we don’t have too.

Except for yesterday. Except for Boston.


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