Need a Do Over, Do Over, Do Over.

Okay, this is the post I wanted to write first but the little letters in my brain demanded that the last set get posted first. And I caved in.

Nanowrimo is over. Yay! Until November rolls around again and I’ll disappear again. I didn’t get as much as I wanted done but I do enjoy the experience. Maybe I’ll get out to do a write in at some point. Or maybe not. Either way, another program is on the wish list, Scrivener! Check it out >here! And no, I was not paid to promote it. I’m just really giddy to get the program.  nudge, nudge…hubby!

I’ve avoided commenting on current events for the last few months. Mainly because I don’t have anything to offer beyond my condolences or my snark; depending on the issue. I don’t want to gain readership by surfing on the coat tails of tragedy or inflate my stats that way. So I refrained. Hell, I even abandoned Facebook for a while!

All I really want everyone to know is this: Hug your kids daily.

I can’t even type much more than that without choking up, so moving on.

I’m glad most of the holidays are over and the kids are back in school. There is nothing like having a house full of flu patients during the holidays. I’ve been sick, my kids been sick, my friends been sick. Only one person I know didn’t get sick. Grrrr. Just my luck.

I’ve been checking the stats for the last year and guess what? Everybody loves coffee! Most of the searches that land here are coffee focused. Yippee! More Coffee. Do I continue to do Hot Coffee? And should I drop Wordless Wednesday? Not a single search landed for Wordless Wednesday. I was shocked.

Last year’s viewers stats have been the best ever. Thanks to you the viewer! It’s encouraging to see return readers. Thank You so Much!  Either way more posts are on the way, just grab your mug, take a seat and enjoy!

Hey, It’s Groundhog Day and Imbolc and the 10th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. I watched both shuttle disasters live and it still hurts. It’s also day that Janet Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction. Am I the only one that missed that? It’s the first day of LGBT History month; Got Pride? I know I do!

A lot has happened on this day in history. Take a glimpse on Wikipedia.

I’m back. Ready with new posts, new energy and a happier outlook.


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