You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!

Here I was thinking I’d be able to do a nice and easy post, wrapping up all that I’ve done in the last four months, making a great segway into the new year. But I’m actually pissed off and the first real post of the year is this rant! I so did not need the year to start like this but to be honest with myself, it’s this sort of stuff that drives me to write.

Where do I begin? Social Media … aka “Facebook” and all it’s related plugins for social sites.

I understand the irony of what I’m going to say.

J.Q. Public, your opinion stinks, your attitude sucks, you lack humility and empathy and it seems that you spread your misery just to get your kicks for being better than someone else and for being right. J.Q. Public, you’re a miserable human being.

What in the world started that? In a single week, three different social media shitstorms flared up and my ability to ignore the more craptastic commenter’s was broken, utterly snapped into a trillion pieces.

#1. The Tale of the Receipt Read Around the World
Applebee’s Waitress Fired For Sharing ‘I Give God 10%’ Tip Receipt

The story goes like this.  Pastor takes church members to eat; party takes separate checks and the Pastor writes a little ditty on her receipt, scratching out the 18% gratuity added to large parties. One of the waitress snaps a pic and uploads to Reddit and the media firestorm ensues. Pastor finds out, calls the manager and ‘BOOM’ the waitress is fired. In the meantime J.Q. Public is speaking out and rattling all the cages on the net.

Lesson #1. Do not interfere with our ability to see more craptastic receipts. Lesson #2. If you piss off J.Q. Public, you are going to know about it.
Lesson #3. J.Q. Public is the biggest bully there ever was.
Lesson #4. J.Q. Public has a short memory, very short. Thank the Gods for this!

Frankly, I’m sick of J.Q. Public’s shit. It’s not ‘cool’ to go after the Pastor and chase her around the web, shutting down her sites on the web. It’s not cool to join her church website to harass her. It’s downright mean-spirited to wish her harm, pray she gets hit by a bus, cuss her out; all because the world saw one of her brainless moments.

That’s the power of J.Q Public; a couple hundred, maybe even thousands of different negative opinions all focused on a single person with one goal in mind; to punish them. That’s overwhelming to process. It’s easy to think the world’s against you. Even if it’s only the bored internet users that can muscle up a response to whatever stupid shit that made it to the big time.

It’s one thing to tell Applebee’s that they just broke Rule #1 and a boycott is on. It’s a unique level of sewer surfing to chase down overly ego inflated Pastor on the net. That’s crossing a very special line; best reserved for 4Chan and Anonymous.

#2. She Kicked Two Sacred Cows At The Same Time.
WKMG Reporter Jessica Sanchez Shuts Down Videobomber

Reporter live on air in the early morning hours gets harassed by a drunk woman and turns the tables on her. However this happened in New Orléans and with a 49’ers fan who was obnoxiously drunk. Guess what the two sacred cows are; New Orléans and the 49’ers.

I thought the reporters handling of the drunk was Awesome! I laughed, smiled and showed it off to other people! J.Q. Public response on the other hand has been a mixed bag so far. But the negative part of this really pisses me off.

J.Q.Public seams to think that Ms. Sanchez should have gotten a beat down for it, that she should be fired, sued, forcibly kicked out of New Orléans, removed from being a part of the news media, that she should get her money back for her journalism degrees and J.Q. Public is being very, oh so very loud about it.

Personally, I hope she gets promoted and a raise for it. Witty comebacks are rare, especially on live television. But why is J.Q. Public having a shit fit over this?

Because J.Q. Public is an asshole. I started to count how many commenter’s were wishing her a beat down, saying that if the drunk was a local she would have gotten beat like she deserved but I quit! That much anger and harm wishing is sicking. I’m convinced that New Orléans is not a friendly place and not a place I want to visit, not even for the Superbowl. Whatever happened to good ‘ole Southern Hospitality totally skipped out on New Orléans.

All this for a drunk who stole airtime. If it wasn’t for the witty handling of the situation; that drunk would not have had her 15 minutes of fame but would be another obnoxious drunk in New Orléans at 6 am, easily forgotten.

Any hope of those two getting together, sitting down on air, shaking hands and saying to each other, ‘good one’ with a pat of each other’s back? Not if J.Q. Public gets their way.

Lesson #1. Leave the reporter alone or you may get 15 minutes of fame for getting a righteous smack down.
Lesson #2. Super Fans are bat shit crazy. Watch your step. Guard your back. Lesson #3. J.Q. Public always plays the race card, even if they get it wrong, not just once but twice.
Lesson #4. I spy the puppet theater. Out comes the sock puppets. The same comment over and over with different names is not the same as J.Q. Public going crazy.

Oh, if Jessica Sanchez does get fired; can she come do our local traffic? PLEASE!

#3. Over Entitled America Women Up In Arms Over A Natural Process
Pillsbury Brownies What happens when the store is not careful..

This story is simple, extremely simple. Woman buys brownie mix, opens mix and finds worms. Cue camera, load to Facebook and ‘BOOM’ social shit storm. J.Q. Public doesn’t care if original poster contacted manufacturer just to find out that it’s the stores fault. J.Q. Public has no grasp of biological science or understands that the manufacturer is not a fault. J.Q. Public thinks it’s entitled to far more than a coupon. J.Q. Public sees cover-ups and conspiracy around every corner.  J.Q. Public sets out to beat a few coupons or more out of the manufacture.

What J.Q. Public doesn’t understand is that not finding weevils in our boxes on a regular basis is a far more amazing thing than finding weevils wiggling in the brownie mix. Despite having an 18 month self life, improper storage and lax pest control can create contamination even in sealed bags. This is part of the natural process for grain and wheat products. J.Q. Public should jump up and down for joy she doesn’t have to sift out the wiggles to make brownies.

Lesson #1. Educating J.Q. Public is pointless. Try anyway. I’ll give you brownie points for it.
Lesson #2. If J.Q. Public wants to bitch, they will. Even if it’s not on the proper page or company and was directed to the proper company.
Lesson #3. J.Q. Public does not understand redaction’s, explanations or press releases. Nothing but blood or heads on platters satisfies J.Q. Public.
Lesson #4. Irony is, if J.Q. Public knew what was really in food, they’d threaten to never eat again but we all know they’ll keep doing so.
Lesson #5. J.Q. Public is impatient. They want a response and they want it now.  Never mind the fact it takes time to get the correct information, you can’t win with J.Q. Public.
Lesson #6. J.Q. Public is a cheapskate, ever watchful for an opportunity to exploit to score some free loot.

I’m craving brownies now. Thick and chocolately…now where’s my coupon?

But seriously, J.Q. Public; you’ve pissed me off, made me ashamed of my fellow human beings, shocked me with the level of  subpar science education, stupefied me with how far you’ll go to ‘get’ your ‘man’, utterly bewildered me with the vitriol you can spew and all this over relatively small issues.

What scares me most is; J.Q. Public is all grown up.



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