Life has a way of carrying me along. School has kept us busy and we are now settled into the routine. Still dealing with the first big cold from school. It’s disheartening to expect a bit of sickness when you send your children to school. I’ve spent a few nights sitting up with my daughter, holding her while she slept. I’m proud of her. She doesn’t complain even when it’s clear to me that every breath is painful. Yet, sleep does her little body a ton of good. The next morning she was bouncing around like nothing happened. I wish I could recover as fast as her.

Reading the news this morning, I found a music video from Korea. Check out this article about it; HERE. I really wish I understood Korean now.  I love the tune. It’s amazing to see what looks to be, on the surface; a very modern Western rap music video from an Eastern country. Check it out and let me know what you think.



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