Why the Big Deal over the Moon?

What is it about the image of a circle of sky clad folk dancing around a bonfire under the light of a full moon that either draws or repels people? Why is magic, witchcraft and Paganism tied to the moon in the Pagan collective mind? Why celebrate the Esbats? Why in the would is one phase of the moon more important than another? Why Moon Mysteries? Just what is the big deal about the moon anyway?

I have so many questions and each one leads to interesting paths and answers which in turn creates more questions. In my minds eye I can see primitive cultures being awed and overwhelmed by the giant light in the night sky. It demands attention in the night by virtue of being the largest visible object. The moon seams life like in the regular changes as the moon’s face shifts from one phase to another. I can almost feel the terror in the watchers as the moon disappears in an eclipse.

My minds eye shifts and now it’s quiet in the forest far away as a full moon rises high in the night sky. It feels like everyone and everything is asleep. But somewhere out there in a clearing surrounded by tall pines, people gather. The bonfire crackles and pops, sending electric shocks of sound through the forest, as sparks drift up like dancing fireflies. Slowly, the people gather round the fire, spreading out in a circle; surrounding the bonfire. Raised up high, hands reach out to touch the divine. Moonlight floods the clearing; it full orb shines brightly. Slowly the thrumb thrumb dah thrumb of drums pulses out, entwining the rhythm of every heartbeat. The Esbat ritual has started.

The moon has played an important role in humankind and religion for long time. It’s cycles form the basis of our calendar systems. Our months are roughly similar to the length from full moon to full moon. Our moon affects life here on Earth. From our menstrual cycles to plant life; the moon itself seems to play an intimate part regulating life. Perhaps this intimacy with life that draws humanity’s attention to the moon. It reminds up that we are so small in the wide expanse of the universe. And that we are not so alone as well. The moon is a visible destination, a deity that we all see, a wonder un-destroyed by time. The moon, a divinity by many names, watches over us still.

This Friday, August 31, 2012 there will be a blue moon. This being the second full moon in a month. But the definition of what and when a Blue moon is still debatable and not like the meaning of the phrase once in a blue moon. If your hunting for a truly rare blue moon, then the blue colored moon is the one you want. That phenomena is rare; often caused by volcanic eruptions or even wildfires.  But you don’t have to wait for that rareness to enjoy a Blue moon.

May the wonder of the divine light of the night bring gladness to your heart.

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